Applications to build premium and custom landing pages

Instead of spending weeks and months on creating landing pages, you can use a tool or designer application to simplify the process and build custom landing pages with diverse page elements.

Martin N. Gregersen

9 March, 2020

You have designed the best Facebook post for your product that will help you to boost your followers and find you some lead but this is not enough. Your product deserves better attention to offer you the finest outcomes. Now, you will think of making a separate website but it’s a lengthy process. You need something that focuses solely on a particular product and gives you outstanding results. The dependable process to make it happen is to take help of a custom landing page designer. The landing page focuses on the product and shares its beneficial components so that people can click on this link and signup to learn more about the product. So, today we are here to share with you the best 4 applications that will help you to make a premium landing page for your product.

What should the landing page include?

The landing page mainly focuses on visitor’s attention on what you are promoting through a call to action (CTA) button so that people will sign up and purchase the product. It reinforces your marketing campaigns so that you can convert your audience into potential customers. Your developer can code the best web page and you could add any product, but designing a landing page is simpler than this.

While designing the best landing page for your product, you require the following things:

  • An app to build a one-page website (or a landing page) that consists of easy customization without any coding
  • Template to make your website look minimalist and help you to build your website quickly.
  • Add-on tools to add images, long-form text, and more—to templates.
  • CTA button to send the audience to the website, where they can make the purchase or fill a form to provide them further information about the product.
  • A customizable domain name for your website.
  • An analytical tool to keep a watch on the amount of audience visited your website and from which source.

If you have an image or video, you can easily make your landing page instantly within minutes. So, by now you know what it needs to build a website, develop a landing page. So, here you go for the best of the best custom landing page builder applications. Let’s get started.

Custom landing pages convert your audience into potential customers.

Here are the 4 best landing page builder applications for you:

Google Sites

If you are looking for a combination of forms and sites then creating your landing page with Google Site, the hidden app in Gsuite is the most preferred option for you. You can edit color and font on this application, but you can’t change the core style of the page. With a larger header on the page title, you can change the background color and font through a handful of typeface themes.

Apart from these, you can also drag in text, images, or uploaded files. You can also go with the Embed option and paste a link there from a variety of sites to witness the preview of that link on your landing page. Add google doc presentation. Slide presentation, YouTube Videos, and much more to make your landing page look awesome.

Add Google Analytics to your site, if you want to track the page’s traffic.

Want to generate leads? Create a Google Form and now check with Google Sites editor’s Forms button and select your form. And your form will be embedded into your website page, there is no way of adding only forms without title and descriptions. This will automatically get published on Google’s subdomain if you need a customized domain name then you need to have a G Suite account.

Google Sites contains more advantages with very few downsides.

You can get the Google Site (Updated Version) here –


Free with a Google account; from $5/month per user Basic plan as part of a G Suite plan for custom domains


Launchaco is very popular with its best feature of designing a basic landing page in just 5 minutes. If ever you are in a hurry then this is the best application for you to design the full product landing page in just 5 minutes. With this application, you can also download the whole website and run it on your server. It doesn’t host page’s traffic stats in the dashboard as other apps do, but instead of this, you can install Google Analytics to your page to understand your page’s stats.

Steps to design the landing page in Launchaco:

  • Start by clicking on the “Create your website” button
  • Enter your product name
  • Pick a color and typeface scheme
  • Now, you can add a heading, subheading, logo and background color or graphic to your product
  • And your basic landing page is ready.

It also contains a direct link to share option, if you want to promote your page instantly.


Free for unlimited sites with Launchaco branding; $50/year Premium plan for custom domains and branding, and downloadable website


You can call it “The Photoshop” of the landing page editors. It looks similar to photoshop with dark design, left and right toolbar to add more ingredients to your landing page. Just double click on any portion of your landing page and you can edit it smoothly. You can customize the editing through the right toolbar. You can also use dynamic text in any portion of your landing page through the right toolbar settings.

Design the ultimate landing page with Unbounce efficient application by just dragging an item to your page and it will automatically align it according to the gridlines. If you are adding text to the header or any part of your landing page and if it is large, this application will show it in red until you fix it to the required size.

If you are looking for a fast landing page building with maximum customization then Unbounce is the first choice you can consider.


It comes from $99/month Essential plan for 75 landing pages and core features (payment details required for trial)


If you are looking for a landing page designer application that gives you the option of adding more pages then Wix is the ultimate choice for you. You can build a website of any size with Wix without any coding. By adopting Wix’s landing page themes for your website, you can create the fastest one-page website for your product. Just figure out the template you want and choose the ‘Edit’ button, then sign up and start editing your new site.

If anywhere you find any error or want to change anything, just click on the Save button and follow the Google doc style revision by clicking on the View site history and you can reverse any change you want.


Free for a basic site with 500Mb bandwidth/month; $4.50/month to add your domain; from $8.50/month Combo account for 2GB bandwidth, custom branding, and domain

Wrapping Up

After reading this whole article, we hope that you are clear about designing the best landing page for your product that appeals to your audience. Now, you know the tactics, techniques, and process of designing the finest landing page, come up with your new product and show it to the world. Put your ideas on your landing page and design the most suitable minimalist landing page that your audience will force you to click on.

Use the application that suits the foremost requirements of yours and bring out the astonishing outcomes.

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Q. How long should a landing page be?

There are two types of forms short and long. You can use anyone, which conveys your promotional message effectively to your audience and efficiently collects the information you require from them. So, there is no such fixed length of a landing page, always use the length that fulfills your results.

Q. How many landing pages do I need to promote my offerings?

There isn't any hard and fast rule on the number of landing pages. It all depends on the number of offerings. One landing page for one exclusive goal, that's it.

Q. Do landing pages negatively impact SEO?

No, they do not hurt your SEO until and unless they are not properly optimized. You can keep them not indexable.

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