In this post, I aim at giving useful advice on how to convert visitors into customers. Every single day, billions, yes billions of individuals from across the globe scour through the pages of the Internet to gain information, work, play, socialize or simply kill time. The sheer magnitude of internet users in the present day is enough to exemplify the importance of having an optimal online presence for your business that can convert visitors into customers. Social media, inbound marketing and SEO are key elements to achieve this goal but do you know what ultimately turns a website click into profits? An amazing landing page!

The good news is that with the support of a terrific landing page you have the authority to devise a conversion process that works for you.

Devised with the core objective of sparking a “Call to Action”, a landing page is what spearheads the conversion rates of Google Adwords and the best way to convert visitors into customers. Think of your company’s landing page as a promise to the customer that something even better awaits them on the ‘other side’ of your website once they punch in their personal information and email address. In most cases, companies use free giveaways such as demos, e-books and other informative documents to entice visitors about their service. The key idea here is to use your landing page to make a good first impression on the customer about what solutions you can offer to them. However, do remember that content is king when you ultimately develop a conversion funnel for generating customers.

Let’s face it; designing well-crafted landing pages is an art form in itself – from catchy headlines to appealing images which hold one form field opt-in boxes and live chat options, landing pages are crucial to attract a visitor who has the option of disappearing within seconds. You may want to consider hiring a digital agency to design one for you, especially if you are a beginner in the field or simply looking for the perfect landing page which promotes your solution.

Think of the traditional sales funnel which starts from lead generation, creation of opportunities, proposals and finally customer onboarding. Now draw your attention to the conversion funnel which follows similar steps to turn website visitors into customers – well, the landing page sits at the top of the funnel because it serves the functions of:

The good news is that with the support of a terrific landing page you have the authority to devise a conversion process that works for you. Many businesses have successfully used this tool to converting visitors into customers. A successful digital marketing strategy is not set in stone but should be experimental and data-driven. A skillfully constructed landing page and analytics helps you understand and better communicate with your target audience. Converting visitors into customers is an essential skill in the digital age. Contact us to learn more.