Learn the new era of marketing - inbound marketing

While traditional marketing was all about sending emails to the prospects and renting the billboards for ads, the new age marketing gives the liberty to enhance the business reach to the different parts of the world with the help of inbound marketing. Here is how!

Martin N. Gregersen

29 March, 2018

In this post, I want to discuss the importance of having an inbound marketing strategy. Being able to maintain solid and mutually beneficial customer relationships should be the ultimate goal of businesses. After all, your ability to successfully capture the hearts and minds of your target audience and turn strangers into customers is what defines your path towards success. If content creation and management is your forte, inbound marketing strategies remain one of the most cost effective ways of attaining this goal and even if it is not, you can seek the expertise of a digital agency to devise a framework that works for your business.

In many cases, companies already have an inbound marketing strategy in place but are experiencing a decline in its success rate.

In 2018, social media is all the rage. Even though there has been a drastic shift in the popularity of platforms based on user demographics the fact remains that no matter what the age or gender of your target audience, they probably have some presence on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Rather than calling your audience towards you, go where they are! Promoting an ebook, a blog post or an article? Be sure to link your content with your business’ social media pages to spur curiosity and convert visitors into customers.

In many cases, companies already have an inbound marketing strategy in place but are experiencing a decline in its success rate. The most important thing to remember in this situation is to not get discouraged! Take a step back and engage in a 360 assessment by looking at the gathered data on the following pillars of your current model; social media traffic, search traffic, lead conversion, customer retention and proportion of e-commerce sales. Are you getting enough clicks on your contents but visitors barely stay on the page? Are you not getting enough visitors at all? Do you need to tweak these keywords or perhaps start embedding images? Answering these queries will help you revamp the direction of your business. To come up with a concrete plan you can even seek the help of experts and hire a digital agency for the task.

A fool-proof email marketing plan is yet another pillar of a successful inbound marketing strategy. In fact, if your business is centered towards B2B sales, this might be the most important ingredient in your recipe for success. Scour through relevant social media pages and find out what questions customers are looking to answer. No one has the time to read sales pitches filled with irrelevant marketing jargon but they will definitely stay if a company tells them what they want to hear. You may consider exploring services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact to support marketing automation as they are becoming widely popular in the market.

The bottom-line of a successful inbound marketing is customer engagement. If your target audience does not strike up a connection with you, they will leave before you know it. Activate and build your brand by communicating with them on social media and appealing to their visual perception through targeted video content which can be embedded in your blogs which feature content that has been optimized for SEO. An effective inbound marketing strategy is a small part of what you can do to grow digitally as a company. Contact us to learn more.

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