As an organization, you deal with a large number of documents daily which include invoices, proposals, contracts, and reports. Each document needs to be maintained in its specific format and shared with the concerned stakeholders on a timely basis. You may be using Google Docs, Google spreadsheets, emails, drives, etc. to maintain your paperwork processes. Google appreciated the hard work and officially launched Google Docs API that offers automate document creation and a lot more functions so that organizations can focus on much more strategic work. Let’s understand it further.

What is Google Docs API?

Google Docs API helps you in reading and writing documents automatically so that you can merge data from various sources leveraging the power of Google Docs. So, now say NO to all those boring documentation stuff and use this efficient API to make the workflow smarter and faster.

The Google Doc API was first launched for developers preview at Cloud Next conference in 2018. This highly efficient REST API touches three broad organizational objectives:

Whether you want to export or import documents from the Content Management System (CMS) or want to perform programmatic editing on the documents, you can perform these tasks automatically through Google Docs API. Over and above, other aspects of documents, like images, tables, lists, etc. are also fully accessible to the Google Docs API.

If you are looking for speedy documents and automated workflows on a consistent and accurate basis, Google Docs API is the solution!

To create an automated document in Google Doc API, organizations can easily transfer/share the information into Google Docs from the spreadsheets through Autocrat.

Automate Document Creation with the Google Docs API

With automated document creation with Google Docs API, the organization will effectively increase its overall efficiency. With this amazing solution by Google, you can easily create pre-filled, faster, and say no to that typical copy/paste work. The idea behind Google Doc API is to automatically create/edit documents. And if it is connected through the database or Google Sheet, then it will fill it with all the up to date information. With this effective API, you can easily insert, delete, and move the text in the document.

Let’s say the organization wants to create invoices for the employees every month. For any big organization, it is a very hectic and tedious process. Also, there is a probability of human error. When you choose Google Docs API to automate your document creation, it will carry out this tedious process for you through a template.

Similarly, if you use it for client invoicing, you can generate invoices automatically and programmatically add information like order numbers, outstanding dues, prepaid amounts, or the date when a balance is due.

Google Docs API enables you to make programmatic edits to the same document over time. Also, it allows editing multiple documents at once which ultimately reduces documentation errors and eliminates lengthy review processes. There are tons of opportunities for businesses to optimize their processes. Google Docs API also integrates with Zapier, through which you can easily create rule-based integrations between all their various web applications.

What is Autocrat?

Autocrat is a multiple document merge tool that helps in creating PDFs or Shared documents through spreadsheet data. This powerful add-on tool is changing the face of sharing information with some efficient and advanced features to google apps. Initially, it will look like a simple add-on, but the magnificent application and features make it a super valuable tool.

It’s a free add-on tool that you can easily use on Google Applications such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, and a lot more. Many businesses and big organizations are using this application to automate the process.

To create an automated document in Google Doc API, organizations can easily transfer/share the information into Google Docs from the spreadsheets through Autocrat.

Combine Autocrat and Google Docs API to Automate Document Creation and Sharing:

Let’s take an example of an e-commerce giant that sells various products and provides the user with all the delivery details and product confirmation through the mail. There are thousands of orders they receive every day and sending every single user a confirmation mail manually is a time-consuming job.

However, with the help of Autocrat and Google Doc API, this e-commerce giant can efficiently share confirmed order mails to its users automatically. With the help of Autocrat, all the data stored in the Google Sheet will be merged with Google Doc API in a PDF or any other required format. By adding a template to Google Doc API and connecting it through a database or Google Sheet will be enough to get the job done.

This will not only make the process faster but also allow the team to work efficiently on any other important and strategic work for the organization.


Wrapping Up

Google Docs API is an efficient solution provided by Google to reduce workload of organizations. Embrace it to have more optimized and strategic resource utilization. The advanced features of Google Docs API and Autocrat let organizations maintain a smooth workflow between documents and apps. Say Goodbye to dealing with a large amount of data and documents in a cumbersome and traditional manner. Automation of document creation with Google Docs API and Autocrat is a promising job that will surely result in better outcomes.

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