The amazing advantages of integrating Survey Monkey with your CRM to deliver superior customer experience.

Are you focused on improving customer retention and clientele growth? If so, there are high chances you would be focusing your efforts on customer relationship management (CRM) but at times must be dependent on coding and developers? But, with simple automations you can deliver superior customer service. Read more!

Martin N. Gregersen

27 July, 2020

The fact that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important pillar of modern business practices has been well-established now. With the ever-increasing choices for the customers, any company has to project active efforts into retaining loyal customers as well as attracting new ones through effective marketing campaigns. Interacting through surveys is one of the easiest and most rewarding techniques to know what drives customer satisfaction amongst your target audience. An organization can only provide superior customer service if they collect and analyze their customers’ feedback. The concern is how to engage with your target audience and help your customers succeed in buying your product / service. It’s simple – just develop a centralized customer feedback program. Opt for a systematic way of collecting customer voices and opinions throughout the customer journey (e.g., using surveys) that delivers products and services to customers that truly meet their needs if they are acted upon.


Integrating Survey Monkey with CRM can be helpful for the automation gives an accurate score and output in terms of customer feedback and sentiment.

However, there is a common misconception that to deliver superior customer services or build a customer feedback program, you need to have proper technology in the place and to maintain that you might even need some sort of coding knowledge too. Well, that’s not the fact now. A standalone survey might provide useful insights but when integrated with a CRM the results hold a much higher significance. Taking this amalgamation a notch higher with the help of automation, Survey Monkey serves as the perfect tool for designing, managing, obtaining results, and its healthy analysis.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing advantages of integrating Survey Monkey with your CRM.

Integrate SurveyMonkey with your CRM today to deliver superior customer service with absolutely no coding

#1 Characterize leads and customers easily

Survey Monkey is a one-stop-shop for all things related to surveys. Designing a questionnaire for the customers can often be a challenge concerning the correct type and number of questions that the target audience indulges in. Survey Monkey has layouts for specific types of surveys that can be modified as per your needs to have a baseline for starting an interaction with potential customers. Integrating these survey forms with your CRM will generate a valuable database of aspects that bring people to your product or service.

These questionnaires provide a detailed classification of the customers and help you determine if they can serve as potential sales targets. The people can be approached directly with an email regarding how their experience was with your company or such surveys can be put forward after a customer’s transaction, training session, or a webinar. They are both equally constructive ways to maintain updated information as well as dynamically populating the data from surveys into your sales records with the help of automation.

#2 Generate continuous feedback for valuable answers

Since customer satisfaction has a directly proportional effect on your revenue, it only makes sense to keep a check on consumer sentiments at each step of the customer lifecycle. Recent studies show that if an individual experiences a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ customer service experience they share it with their friends approximately ninety-seven percent of times. Important product decisions can be adopted based on the feedback received. Some of the common customer touchpoints that are considered good spots to conduct a survey are at purchase, after a customer service phone call, upon renewal or cancellation of a service, and after training or onboarding.


Survey Monkey provides a unique system to evaluate and improve on the feedback called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This feature helps collect, understand, and act on customer feedback to further improve your relationship with the customer. Repeating customer surveys that amalgamated with your CRM helps you know the depth of water you’re swimming in. therefore, integrating Survey Monkey with your CRM can be helpful for startups as well as enterprises as the automation gives an accurate score and output in terms of customer feedback and sentiment.

#3 Compliant with most CRMs and softwares

Another major advantage of choosing Survey Monkey is that it works well with numerous existing tools in our operations and your CRM. Let’s look at some of the examples that may help you extract the most efficiency out of your CRM or automation software in addition to critical survey data.

Connect with your social media platforms. Tools like Hootsuite work well if you are planning on social media marketing for your brand. Incorporating surveys on these platforms results in increased interaction of the target audience with the company as most people take to social media to express their opinions, be it good or bad.

Use surveys with MailChimp for effectiveness. Emails from brands have become quite cumbersome for the people and it becomes very difficult for a brand to attract their attention in this manner. Here is where surveys act as a crucial mediator. You can use MailChimp or similar tools to reach out to your customers to enquire about their preferences regarding the emails they would like to receive. The options may include offers, important dates, or content like articles or manuals. This keeps the reader engaged as well as delivers valuable information to the company.

To conclude, make the most of your CRM with the help of Survey Monkey

Design informative surveys, integrate them into your sales and marketing strategies and analyze the comprehensive results with the help of automation to observe a significant improvement in your CRM. One can use SurveyMonkey to check on attendees after an event or make target group-specific questions to come up with relevant marketing ideas moving forward. As mentioned above Survey Monkey can be complacent with CRMs such as SalesForce, and tools like Marketo, Eloqua, and several others which gives an elegant touch of automation to make your business even more effective.

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Q. Is Survey Monkey the right tool to gather anonymous surveys?

SurveyMonkey offers the tools for survey creators to configure their surveys how they need. This includes allowing them to gather strictly anonymous answers, and instead choose to recognize the respondents.

Q. Is it possible to track IP addresses through integration of CRM and Survey Monkey?

Yes, it is. However, an IP address will not necessarily disclose user identity, but often indicates a geographic location.

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