In today’s world, it has become essential to develop multitasking skills and possess the ability to juggle several activities at once. Companies look for such capabilities in an employee while hiring new staff members but even those who are pros at such multitasking skills have to spend a fair amount of time doing several trivial tasks that might lead to a drop in their productivity and lower their average efficiency from their maximum potential. Therefore commercial firms and brands are on the lookout for ways to automate certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks. One such way that can be extremely helpful to make the processes easier is by using Zapier.

Zapier is the software that can help you make your life more efficient as well as convenient by just implementing a few simple steps.

Let’s discuss what Zapier is and how it can help the employees reach maximum productivity.

Zapier – The marvellous automation tool

Human beings have craved simplicity, efficiency, and convenience since the beginning of time. This idiosyncrasy is what has driven us to make beautiful inventions ranging from wheels to transfer heavy loads from the beginning of mankind to virtual assistants who complete tasks on your command. Zapier is one such online automation tool that amalgamates the processes that take place across several apps simultaneously making them faster and more accurate.

When you decide to automate your workflow with apps through Zapier you can maintain a well-organized record of tasks and be at peace that you are not supposed to do the synchronization manually. The manual syncing can be quite laborious and quite frankly often leads to a few mistakes due to human error.

For example, creating an excel entry every time you receive calls or queries of potential leads or customers can become quite tedious and decrease the efficiency of the employee. On the contrary, if you connect the two apps through Zapier it can automatically register the call log into Google sheets.

The mechanism of working behind Zapier

To properly understand how Zapier operates and works its magic to automate the workflow of apps, we must learn a few terminologies that will come up often throughout the article.

Once you sign up for Zapier, you will be presented with the most popular zaps. You can build a custom zap or refer to their templates with the most commonly used zaps. You can automate the workflow of many apps and start saving time through minimal effort.

Embrace Zapier and create automated workflows for your apps to pave the way for genuine creativity and productivity.

Advantages and powers of Zaps

The first major advantage of using Zapier is that it spans across a wide range of applications like Instagram, Twitter, Pocket favorite, Evernote, WordPress, Buffer, Google suite, MailChimp, HubSpot and Slack.

The large number of apps that integrate with Zapier, makes it likely that the zap will adapt to your process of working and make it efficient in the background without having to switch your inherent style of working in order to be compliant with Zapier. With the added convenience of leaving the laborious tasks up to your zaps, your employees will be able to spend more time engaging productively with your target audience and getting more meaningful work done.

An example that displays how Zapier moves information across different apps is integration between PayPal and MailChimp that turns new PayPal merchant transactions into MailChimp subscriptions in an effortlessly automated way.

PayPal merchant transactions into MailChimp

Zapier is different from its contemporaries because it has deeply routed automation and the users can have multiple steps that include actions, conditions as well as delays. Zapier also allows filters that can set boundaries and weed out the tasks that do not meet the field or the conditions previously determined by the user. The zaps possess immense power as they can integrate and automate almost all the apps and software that are used on a regular basis like Gmail, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Slack. For example, Slack can be integrated with Google Forms to receive the responses in a Slack channel or as direct messages. Another useful integration via a Zap is Trello and Google Sheets, where a new Trello card is created for every new row in the Sheet.

Signing off – Automate workflows to boost creativity and productivity


Our entire discussion revolves around making the lives of the employees easier by getting rid of the tedious and repetitive tasks that induce dulling down and decrease concentration. Getting such automated assistance can create a smoother path for them to think of and implement new and creative ideas for the growth of your brand. A business should conduct a timely automation audit to ensure that their workflows are smooth and enhance the facilities for the employees periodically. An automation audit serves the purpose of keeping a check on the efficiency and what steps can be taken to improve it. You may also conduct a survey amongst the employees regarding the Zaps they might require and set up the system to their liking and convenience.

If you are unsure how actually you can create smooth automated workflows with Zapier or would like to learn more about its integration with other apps, book an automation consultation and we will help you get started.