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Automation is already becoming a way of life in the current era. There are numerous kinds of software and programs that have been developed to handle the repetitive and mundane tasks on their own by acquiring adept learning and understanding which saves ample time and human resources for the creative work. Automation is so versatile that it can be applied to a multitude of methods like employee and facility management, staffing, and productivity. The sales and marketing departments also stand to benefit immensely by giving some easy yet efficient business process automation techniques.

Martin N. Gregersen

9 October, 2020

The need for automation can be described by understanding how different levels of engagement are required while sculpting marble and breaking rocks. The tools and medium remain uniform, one is plain drudgery, and the other demands creativity and is fulfilling. So adopting this analogy forward, here are five processes like breaking rocks that one should automate in order to leave room for the humans to sculpt in peace.

#1 Social media marketing

Out of the numerous tasks that are to be performed by the marketing team, the first one that should definitely be automated to stay ahead of the competition is social media marketing. The online presence is heavily determined by the frequency, timing, quality, and engagement that you are able to muster through social media posts. Any and every brand is competing for a split second of the target audience’s attention. In such scenarios, placing business process automation at the forefront can heavily influence a company’s social media game. Several softwares have been introduced that take upon the tasks of posting, reposting, and analyzing the interactions on all the social media sites.

Some examples include options like Zapier and Hootsuite which can schedule and set specific times for reposting and prompting special content. It maximizes the reach of your posts and content by unanimously publishing the data on all platforms through one click. Content generation can also be partially automated by putting the automation technology to use for content research, idea generation, and updating the team regarding trending content to keep a steady pace of relevant content flowing on a brand’s social media pages.

#2 Lead segmentation and nurturing

A business stands to progress immensely when they understand the process of lead tracking, recognizing the worthy leads through segmentation, and nurturing the leads appropriately to achieve ample conversions. Business process automation can play a pivotal role in such tasks. You can beat the competition by implementing an automatic program that segments the valuable leads. One way is to let the visitors on your website fill forms with a technology called conditional logic that can help the company filter the lead’s interests from the get-go through relevant questions, collect the data and follow up with respective strategies and emails according to their responses. Some other useful processes which, when automated, result in multiplying the company’s progress are lead qualifying, lead scoring into ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ in order to make prioritization easier, remarketing lists as well as behavioral targeting through event tracking in Google Analytics or site tracking in ActiveCampaign.

Lead nurturing processes like assigning leads to sales reps, personalized email campaigns, and follow-ups as well as drip marketing campaigns can be easily automated to save time for the sales team. Keeping track of the customer lifecycle, upselling and cross-selling processes and customer re-engagement messages can be sent out through automated programs that further smoothen your organization’s workflow when brainstorming about lead nurturing practices.

#3 Customer service and user engagement

Another important process that a company should automate to stay ahead of the competing brands is customer service and user engagement. A product or service constantly receives feedback, complaints, and reviews from users, or potential customers. It is necessary to stay actively engaged with the target audience through a customer service line. Automation helps in creating customer profiles that are segregated according to their feedback or complaint and the sales team is able to monitor and prioritize the important ones that need their attention, automated customer service replies to some standard and frequently asked queries can save a whole lot of time for the team to help solve any other pertaining issues. Chatbots have served as a great innovation in this respect and help in user engagement from the get-go. Referrals and reviews can shine a light on the product or service’s performance and automation can help achieve this by tools like Hotjar that automate surveys that bring back relevant feedback and information.

#4 Website optimization and reporting

The interface on your company’s website and app are representative of the brand and need to be thoroughly optimized for enhanced user experience. There are various automation solutions out there that can track visitor activity in real-time and suggest timely prompts to undertake desired actions which can enhance the number of conversions significantly.Tools like SumoMe and HubSpot help in achieving high quality user interactions through automating the appropriately timed prompts on your website. Automating the optimization process by using free analysis tools like SE Ranking that gives reports deep insights into the quality and quantity of the backlinks connected to yours as well as competitor’s websites can also be extremely beneficial for rankings.

#5 Inbound marketing strategies

Apart from social media and content marketing campaigns as described earlier, there are some other inbound marketing processes that can be automated for the ease of the operations. Keyword research tasks and reports can be automated with tools like SEMrush and Searchmetrics. Handling PPC bids through automation can get tricky but when done through useful software like Adzooma, one can control such business processes effectively as well. Google Ads offer a feature called Dynamic Search Ads which can automate the optimization of the texts in your ads, based on the keywords users type and the content on the company’s landing page. This is a qualitative valuable business process automation as well as a time saver.

In conclusion, adopt automation in the workflow for progress

With the overwhelming boost of information online, be neck to neck with your competitors by implementing these automation processes in the workflow for easy operations, spending human resources in creative talks and campaigns as well as coming up with innovative ideas for furthering the product or service’s performance. Leaving the repetitive and mundane tasks to these automation softwares can definitely do good and be beneficial for a business, therefore dive in with simple automation and slowly get used to implementing deeper tasks with the help of the machines.

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Q. What are challenges to expect, when we embrace automation?

The implementation and configuration of automation can require that some people change their way of working. This can create resistance, but we recommend implementing automation in a way that proves the quality of working conditions, so that adoption to automation is a welcome change.

Q. How much does business process automation cost?

The cost of automation of routine and mundane tasks depends on the automation efforts involved and software subscriptions needed for your specific process. We help you get started with an Automation Audit.

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