Streamline day-to-day tasks. Eliminate bottlenecks. Cut operational costs.

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Expanding your digital footprint across the global community starts with decreasing time spent collecting, analyzing, and utilizing your data. Using AI and other cloud-based tools organizes your data collection system, while prioritizing content and eliminating noise. 

Our process

Automation Audit

Start with an Automation Audit, by a certified Cloud Architect. We deliver an overview of your current automation architecture revealing potential areas to automate.

With automation, your business can connect data from the apps and spreadsheets you use and create flexible workflows tailored to save you time and increase efficiency..

Action Plan & Organization Diagram

Weekly consultations and company deep-dives help us diagram your organizational workflow. We develop an action plan  of time saving cloud-based integrations to streamline processes, and reduce labour. 

Two weeks

Basic Automation

Minimize simples jobs. Create a centralized place to store a mix of related information. Pull together collaboration and communication tools into a single platform.

Four weeks

Process Automation

Document and manage your business process with a dedicated network of software and apps.

Six weeks

Integration Automation

Streamline your entire company’s workflow and processes. Integrate AI powered communication channels with established IT infrastructure. 

Automation Sample

Inbound Marketing

We diagram your current process for posting inbound marketing and architect an automated replacement including an action plan for implementation.

Process Automation​ Testimonial

“We did a automation audit with Martin to learn more about automation. The result was several actionable suggestions on how to improve our processes. In my opinion, the proposed solutions were very effective. He visualized our processes in a very clear way (a process diagram), which enabled us to implement several of the solutions.

As a result of the audit, we saved resources and increased the speed of our processes which strongly helped us to focus on our core processes.

I recommend having an expert consultation and collaboration.”

(Translated from German)


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