Business Process Automation

Automate work you don't love, because life's short.

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In a single consultation (first one is pro bono), we can help you assess if we are able to help you in your specific situation. We usually work with SMEs, Trusted e-Residency Companies, but will help anyone looking to reclaim their time.

Our process

Automation Audit

Start with an Automation Audit. We deliver an overview of your current automation architecture revealing potential areas to automate.

With business process automation, you can connect data from the apps and spreadsheets you use and create flexible workflows tailored to save you time and increase efficiency.

Action Plan & Organization Diagram

Weekly consultations and company deep-dives help us diagram your organizational workflow. We develop an action plan to resolve the main bottle-necks and strengthen your core processes and help you implement it.

One month

Task Automation

We look at one essential task which is causing a major bottle-neck which we estimate could easily be automated and deployed in one month without additional discovery sessions or change-management. We will deploy the automated task solution within one month. 

Three months

Process Automation

A process is selected as a candidate for automation during the consultation. We then proceed by including all affected team members and stakeholders in a discovery session. To optimally automate a process, we interview all affected parties in the discovery session and stakeholders help the team understand the company’s KPIs, goals and current strategy. Alignment and a chance of being heard and truly understanding the why behind the change is essential. We will deploy the automated process within three months. 

One year

SaaS Ops Automation

You have a SaaS business and want to automate your operations as much as possible. We help you list all your operations and processes, and together with your team we automate as much as we can within one year, following the priority you set. Team engagement and involvement is essential during the entire year. We work well with your designers and developers and help you grow without an externmal dependency or lock-in.

Process Automation​ Testimonial

“We did a automation audit with Martin to learn more about automation. The result was several actionable suggestions on how to improve our processes. In my opinion, the proposed solutions were very effective. He visualized our processes in a very clear way (a process diagram), which enabled us to implement several of the solutions.

As a result of the audit, we saved resources and increased the speed of our processes which strongly helped us to focus on our core processes.

I recommend having an expert consultation and collaboration.”

(Translated from German)


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