Act House - Success Story

Act House is a psychological clinic based in Denmark, run by psychologist specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy, Camilla Grønlund (certified MSc in Psychology).

The Problem – Why redesign a website?

Camilla reached out to us with a business concern and a company website in dire need of a makeover—there were broken elements such as the Google Maps widget and a contact form. A partner of Acthouse had moved out of the business and it reflected in the changes in operations. And hence there was an immediate need to make changes in the content as well as images starting from the About Page in a timely manner to reflect those operational changes. In addition, the logo needed to be adjusted and updated on all social media and on the stationary.

Research and planning

The first thing we discovered was that the website was over 10 years old and the WordPress health check outlined a long list of security and performance issues. While carrying out the initial analysis, we found several seemingly minor issues that required immediate attention. There was also a need to implement a plan for automatically updating the website in the future. For example, the Google Maps widget wasn’t working at all and the contact form was no longer working because the WordPress plugin had not been updated for a decade. These elements were creating poor user experience which led to high bounce rates, damage of reputation, and lost business

Our website redesigning strategy 

The need to redesign a website from scratch is usually a no brainer if the site has not been updated for ten years. However, in the case of Act House, we found that there were some elements that we wanted to keep so there was no need to start from zero. Instead what was required was a sound strategy and clearly planned sprints. We sat together with the client and exchanged ideas. We contributed technical expertise and the client shared her inputs from a niche perspective. In the end, we came up with a list of requirements and priorities for the new website.

Activities we carried out during Acthouse website redesign

Updated LayoutUpdated Layout
Updated layout

The website layout got a facelift and a modern updated look while enhancing the user experience. The new layout was also optimized for mobile devices and performance/speed.

Updated ImagesUpdated Images
Updated images

We removed all outdated and old images that were either irrelevant or of low resolutions and updated the website with newer and more relevant images that align with company vision.

Banners and SlidersBanners and Sliders
Banners and Sliders

We removed the sliders and kept a static banner that directly speaks the business value proposition. We added another important thing - a banner about Covid info and guidelines.

Optimised Home PageOptimised Home Page
Optimised Home Page

Since the home page is the first impression for any website, we rewrote the content and turned it into a landing page that converts casual browsers into buyers, by clearly articulating the service in the first 5 seconds.

Logo and GraphicsLogo and Graphics
Logo and Graphics

We updated the logo and exported the right sizes for website, social profiles and stationary. All other images were resized, converted to next-gen image formats and compressed to improve page load speed.

Integration of Google MapsIntegration of Google Maps
Integration of Google Maps

The Google Maps widget on the website was outdated and not loading because of changes Google had made in the past. We used the Google Maps API to generate a new key and integrated the map on the contact page to direct users to the business location.


  • Mobile-friendly and faster loading website. Desktop and Mobile page loading speed score is now 99 and 98 respectively by Google Pagespeed Test.
  • Passed all WordPress website health recommendations, by upgrading the server, WordPress and all plugins, resulting in a significant drop in bounce rates and boost in sessions/user.
  • Better visual appeal and smoother navigation.
  • Browser compatibility and better accessibility in all screen resolutions.
  • A happy and satisfied client.

Client Testimonial

I deeply recommend mr noe. My website has been transformed from being out dated to refurbished with a new simple yet elegant aesthetics and importantly easy for guests to navigate and interact with. The working process has been characterized by an ability to zoom into my needs, adjust to my preferences and also importantly adding new important facets all within budget and deadlines.

- Camilla Groenlund ( Psychologist specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy )

Technology Stack


Cache Enabler



Responsive Design

Integration of Google Maps

Google Maps API

Updated Images

Photo Retouching

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Optimized landing

Google's Pagespeed Insight

Sneak peek of our efforts and learnings

  • We learned that redesigning a website is not just about migrating to the latest technologies. It can be minor changes as well that can greatly improve the business.
  • The Home page should sufficiently act as a landing page, so that a user knows what action to take in 5 seconds. So remove all relevant information and have a single action you wish users to take as the first step.

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