The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of climate- and energy solutions. Viessmann offers a wide variety of customized solutions with efficient systems and outputs from 1 to 120,000 kW for all application areas and all fuel sources. All Heizprofi companies are characterized by a particularly high level of technical and advisory competence in matters relating to heating renovation. To promote their heating and cooling solutions, we helped them out with our expert landing page design services.

The Problem – What challenged us to boost conversions for Heizungsprofi (Viessmann)?

Viessmann being a brand name has not much to struggle in the market, However, their sole purpose was to create and spread awareness about different heating options and in general to promote Viessmann products. The client wanted a novel and trending look and feel of the web page they wanted to target.

Research & Planning

Viessmann’s products are characterized by their solid quality, high energy efficiency and modern design. Further, it being a brand name, the website traffic was never a problem. But, due to lack of product awareness, it was affecting their lead acquisition, as 97% of the users that visited the website were leaving within the first 10 secs. So, the placement of CTAs and the content has to be revamped. And, that too without disturbing their regular website.

Our Strategy of Building Landing Page for (Heizungsprofi) Viessmann

At mrnoe.design, we always turn hurdles into promising opportunities by converting their browsers into buyers. To come up with user friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing design, we followed human-centered Design and Lean UX Design thinking.


Design inline with the latest typography, colors, animations and gradients


Fully responsive design without hampering their layout dramatically


Prominent headlines in visual hierarchy keeping funnel steps in mind


Short, straight-to-the point language that inspire and influencers buyers

Brand Proposition

Look and feel that represents brand proposition and company’s culture


Scientific placement of lead magnets and psychological text on CTA buttons

The Result

Heizungsprofi was pleased to see the layout, content, scientific placement of CTAs, application of color psychology and typography.

Technology Stack








Sneak Peek of Our Efforts and Learnings

We thoroughly enjoyed developing a quality landing page for this client that results in guaranteed conversions. However, despite being one of the best landing page design agencies, we too had a roller coaster ride. Take a look!

  • It took us four rounds of tests until we landed on a variation that was doing 87.6% better than the version our client had before assigning this project to us.
  • During A/B testing of different variants, we learned that larger and obvious product images might lead to more clicks on that specific product, but it never guarantees a complete transaction.
  • The best part of this journey was we learned how to connect the dots with conversion funnels and accordingly designed the elements that trigger simple actions.

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