La Perla Experience

La Perla Experience specializes in the organization of events as well as planning of dance holidays to Cuba and Spain. Their dance class levels are from beginner to intermediate for both kids, teenagers and adults. We built a website for them to ease their pain of bookings and billing management.

The Problem – What challenged us to pave a way for La Perla?

Building a routine booking system hardly throws any unusual challenges. But, La Perla Experience was altogether a novel thing for us. The owners, both brother and sister, live in Denmark. They teach various dance styles and even organize Cultural and Dance Holidays to Cuba, Barcelona and other nearby places. They were solely dependent on manual bookings and invoicing. And, in one of the dance styles, they need to book an equal number of men and women to make them teach and perform a couple dance. All this management on a manual basis was resulting in stress. So, all these permutations and combinations we had to consider.

Research & Planning

It was crucial to standardize the booking process. In fact, we can say an automated billing and booking system. The permutations and combinations involved were quite complex. We started with research of the tools and systems already available for various booking platforms. After studying multiple portals, we designed a wireframe and translated ideas into PSD. there were even a number of revisions. But we could achieve the best at the end of the project.

Our Strategy of Developing La Perla

At, we always look at the challenges as promising opportunities.

  • The system we build and establish turned out to be a profitable booking system & get the La Perla sales rolling up.
  • To whom and how to offer early bird discounts was an analytical as well as brainstorming task. 
  • We used a plugin for membership and discount vouchers.
  • Also, we set up an algorithm wherein registrants can view other registrants, view upcoming classes and events.

Unique Features of La Perla Experience

Automated System

Automated booking system for dance enthusiasts that saves time & tasks of owners


Automated, yet user-friendly, billing, invoicing and payment through plugin

Organised System

Online class organisations (view classes, event calendar, book events, book dance holiday)

Social Media Video ProductionSocial Media Video Production

Once dance holidays is over, people can upload/share media and view shared by others


An algorithm that enables booking of an equal amount of men and women


Paid membership setup for users to protect privacy and view attendants

The Result

La Perla Experience indeed resulted in a soothing experience for our client. Now, they are able to effortlessly manage bookings, view bookings, and manage the platform in the best possible manner.

Technology Stack





Sneak peek of our efforts and learnings

In the entire process of developing the La Perla platform, we have had some tight corners out of which we gain additional learning. Take a look!

  • Lots of testing is required when you build a booking system that enables you to maintain the gender ratio. 
  • To control spam bookings, we made it mandatory for the user to have a membership. So, only a registered member can book the dance holiday
  • To keep up the charm of dance enthusiasts, we enabled a feature for all registered users to view other registrants who all could be joining the dance sessions.

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