Milkymap - Success Story

Milkymap is a renowned company that collaborates with companies like Vodafone and ABN-Amro to help them map a customer’s journey from start to finish. Their services revolve around assistance in mapping, designing, presenting, improving, and sharing an organization’s customer experiences and journeys. It excels at enhancing the user experience by identifying the kinks in the system and suggesting measures that can rectify the same.

The problem – Why introduce automation software

The company had difficulty in accessing customer information as it was scattered across several different platforms which also resulted in overlap in solutions and processes. It was difficult to identify potent leads without a proper system in place. Also, the content on the website needed to be catered to its audience in a systematic and consistent manner. There was a lack of strong social media marketing strategy and inbound marketing campaign.

“I had many platforms and systems where customer information was. We had content, but it was not structured, not planned and not enough. We were paying for platforms where we did not know if it was worth it. We experienced overlap in solutions and processes, we did not know where that was and how to eliminate it. We did have clear who was responsible for what part of the process (marketing/sales)”

-Danny Peters, Co-founder Milkymap

Research and Planning

Our expertise in working with automation technologies gave us confidence that we would be able to help Milkymap automate content distribution and enhance their lead generation process. Here, we had to successfully implement and automate an inbound marketing campaign. Our team created a landing page with Unbounce and recommended using Mailchimp to sort leads in different groups and automate emails.

Our strategy of implementing automation in the core processes

At mr noe, we help navigate obstacles by turning challenges into opportunities. To provide a way of integrating different platforms and processes we came up with the idea of using well-known automation software to ease the operations at Milkymap.

  • First, the website needed a new high-converting landing page to generate leads, while performing A/B tests to continuously improve conversion.
  • When collecting leads’ email addresses and sending them through the appropriate sales funnel, we communicate correctly to each target group while saving a lot of resources at the same time.
  • We created an inbound marketing strategy with a focus on the type of the content to be published and when. To boost our inbound marketing efforts, we harnessed the power of automation by deploying a content calendar and scheduling posts in advance.
  • We used Buffer and Mailchimp to integrate processes such as responding to customer emails and interactions on other platforms.

Benefits of the Milkymap Automation Audit

Optimized landingOptimized landing

Optimized landing page that collects more and better quality leads, while improving conversions through continuous A/B testing.

Automated content workflowAutomated content workflow

Automated content workflow that resulted in huge cost savings.

Automated routineAutomated routine

Automated routine business processes for customer interactions.

Clarity on processesClarity on processes

Clarity on processes from prospects, leads to sales.

Ability to figureAbility to figure

Ability to figure out the right platform to go ahead with.

Combined platforms for content, leads and newsletter.


Milkymap benefited from our diagram of their company structure, because it allowed them to think systematically and understand who was using what software to achieve what goals. We found the missing parts and the parts that were redundant in the organization. In addition, the team decided to start publishing regular blog posts and launch a new inbound marketing campaign and a landing page campaign to generate leads and sell their software which reduced the burden on the sales unit.

Client Testimonial

“We now have a clear picture of our processes from prospect, leads, to sales. We now know who is responsible for what part of the process and we can now make a decision on which platforms to keep and which to eliminate. This enables us to save money by combining content, leads and newsletter in one platform.

Decisions we made: starting with Mailchimp, saying good-bye to Intercom, creating a landing page campaign, starting to collect email addresses and flagging them, writing one blog per week, optimising LinkedIn usage, investigating opportunities with automating LinkedIn, Buffer and Mailchimp.”

- Danny Peters ( Co-founder Milkymap )

Technology Stack

Mail Chimp

Sneak peek of our efforts and learnings

Each new project comes with a new challenge and gets accomplished with a fruitful learning. This particular project is not an exception. We learned that Milkymap needed an automated way to generate leads and to send them through the appropriate sales funnel. We achieved this by sending corporate clients to a sales call and individual clients to a landing page. This was done by tagging the clients when we collect their emails, and this also helps with sending automated emails with Mailchimp with appropriate content in future marketing emails.

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