4 Differences You Need To Know Between Capture Pages And Landing Pages

Capture Pages And Landing Pages

A lead capture page is a type of post-click landing page differentiated by an optimised lead capture form. This form allows you to collect leads for your respective offers and nurture them down your marketing funnel. However, the immediate question that arises in the mind is how they are distinct from landing pages. Well, here […]

Make A Perfect Instagram Landing Page For High-Conversion Rate

instagram landing page

Social Platforms have created a new era of content marketing, remarkably. Advertising on social media platforms has enabled companies to create their unique business presence and reach out to the global audience in just one click. If we talk about the most beneficial and fruitful social media platform, it would definitely be Instagram. It is […]

4 Most Reliable Custom Landing Page Designer Application

Custom Landing Page Designer Application

You have designed the best Facebook post for your product that will help you to boost your followers and find you some lead but this is not enough. Your product deserves better attention to offer you the finest outcomes. Now, you will think of making a separate website but it’s a lengthy process. You need […]

Should You Use The Click-to-Call Button On Your Landing Page?

Click-to-Call Button

Every landing page should have a single theme. You are trying to persuade your website visitor to take some action. This cannot be successful unless the message on the landing page conveys the solutions s/he is looking for. And, the text on your call-to-action button is the same as s/he is willing to act on. […]

Unbounce Vs HubSpot Landing Pages

Unbounce Vs HubSpot

The concept of an optimized landing page design is not new. It has been here for ages. Way back in 2003, IT departments of Microsoft came up with the idea of landing page designs as a remedy for poor online sales of their core product – Microsoft Office. The rest is history. By now, many […]

Landing Page Design Trends That Will Rule in 2020

Landing Page Design Trends

When crafting a landing page, converting your audience into a potential customer is usually your main goal. Many marketers think that the only factor that matters in converting your audience into a customer is what you offer to them. While this is true, the design of your landing page also plays a very important role […]

E-commerce Landing Page Inspiration To Boost Sales Revenue In 2020

E-commerce Landing Page

The comfort and advantages of eCommerce are heading the Generation Z from offline store to online eCommerce websites. Whether it is a grocery product, clothes, or any electronic gadgets, buying through eCommerce websites gives you convenience and a huge advantage of comfort. From popular brands to home-based gigs, the whole sea is sailing towards eCommerce […]

10X Your Conversions With A Perfect Facebook Landing Page Design

Facebook Landing Page Design

The most important part of any lead-generation strategy is to perfectly design landing pages and accurately craft marketing campaigns. Social media marketing campaigns are win-win situations for brands as well as the target audience. Most of the active (online) users spend more hours a day on social media platforms than on any other website or […]

Color Psychology Of Call To Action Button (CTA) To Earn Clicks On Landing Page

Color Psychology Of CTA

As a business owner, you need ideas that can attract your website visitors and push them towards conversions. The major focus is usually on the web page design, headlines of landing page and content copy. But, the element that intrigues any website visitor to fill out an inquiry form is none other than your call […]

What Is Landing Page Design, And How Does It Work?

What Is Landing Page Design

Whenever any business comes online and builds their website, do they immediately start earning money? No! It is difficult to even rank on low-competition, low-search volume keywords to the top of SERPs. So most of the online businesses target more than 3-4 long-tail keywords and try to rank on different web pages for those keywords. […]