Automation of business processes could help your organization do much more without hiring new people. If we talk about digital marketing, generating, publishing and distributing the right content takes up a major amount of time. As per one research, it nearly takes 74% of your overall digital marketing efforts. But, a concept called automation of digital content is gradually getting momentum. Content automation has been in the marketing field for some time now, but still, a fair definition is needed to have a better understanding of the idea of ContentStudio. Content automation is an amalgamation of technologies to automate the manual processes in the arena of content marketing.

Automation tools have thrived significantly with the industry estimated to grow over fourteen percent in the next four to five years. Such a boom implies that the consumers have taken a liking towards it and it is significantly improving the effectiveness of their campaign. Now, ContentStudio is a great example of such software that has provided wholesome solutions for users looking at automated ways to further their content marketing strategies. Let us discuss how it has changed the game with its minimalistic approach that enables broad functions.

Content Automation is an amalgamation of technologies to automate the manual processes in the arena of content marketing.


Whenever there’s talk around town related to some automated content marketing tool, the most revered feature is its capability to schedule the timing of your posts across all social media platforms. ContentStudio does an exceptional job in this discipline as well as has some other remarkable features related to content discovery and curation. This software can be easily referred to as social media management and content distribution tool more than anything else.

Even the mere free version allows the users to identify trendy topics in their niche, publish 500 posts in a month and promote their content through hashtags suggestions, post recycling, and image editors to achieve almost triple the engagement. Along with this, it accommodates integrations with almost every social media platform and other tools to facilitate your style of functioning.


Content curation is a laborious task that can easily be turned over to the machines for quick assistance and genuine results. Finding high-quality posts and developing trustworthy sources is the most essential task while going through this process. Using ContentStudio can be a beneficial time-saving tactic on the user’s part for sustaining the audience’s attention. It helps to keep your brand fresh and updated with certain relevant posts that catch the reader’s eye. The time saved by implementing automation can be utilized to create high-quality content and provide an individualistic identity to the articles.


The Discover section in the tool is dedicated to this very practice. It hunts down the needed content on the basis of the topics most followed by users. This is a feature that is lacking in most of the competitors and gives ContentStudio users an edge. One can just add keywords or domain names to monitor as sources to appear in the discovery section. An added advantage is that it also lets you enable RSS feeds to your content. The feature has two main sections, one allows the user to go through the curated topics to follow and the second allows one to set up their desired topics in order to dig deeper to discover fresh content.


Putting out too much content i.e sharing a post every five minutes becomes extremely in your face for the readers while being AWOL for a whole day or more may affect your engagement. It is very critical to understand the amount of content that needs to be posted out there. This is where automation steps in. you can schedule the post and forget about it to ensure the desired amount of reach. The software streamlines your workflow by helping you pre-set the date and time for each post or article to be shared.


ContentStudio allows you to directly publish a blog or a social media post on all the platforms. This feature is a blessing in disguise as it operates as a multi-channel tool that automates the publishing of the post across all the available platforms. The composer can also serve as a source of inspiration as it provides the latest ideas according to your niche and enables the inserting of videos, GIFs as well as images in the content you compose. Inbuilt SEO analyzers help to optimize the content in real-time and definitely acts as a cherry on top.


For the visionaries who like to map out all the near future content that is to be published, ContentStudio houses a planner and a calendar that can easily be accessed by the team to set a schedule for the upcoming week or the whole month. The organizational wizardry is seamless and extremely interactive which makes it the best feature from any user’s point of view.


The tool not only helps curate and distribute the content across all the known social media platforms but also provides highly valuable insights into the performance or campaign and strategies. The reports can be obtained on a weekly or monthly basis and can be shared during the brainstorming sessions for the improvement and growth of your content management strategies. The analysis is done through automation without having to spend any human resource or time on it.


The analytics feature of ContentStudio is the most holistic report generated by checking the performance of posts across all social media platforms. The results are extremely useful in making a well-informed decision regarding which type of content is well-received by the target audience and what should be avoided under all circumstances. One gets insight on top content, best performing day, sentiment analysis, and top hashtags that can help you thrive in your future strategies and make your content ever so engaging.


The digital platforms can be an overwhelming space sometimes, both for the content creators and the consumers. Using the enhanced technologies and machine learning technologies to automate some processes can take away the monotonous aspect of the whole process and leave room for the creators to focus on innovative ideas. Content Studio stands apart in the field of automation tools due to futuristic features like Evergreen recycling that reposts your content at the desired pace or having a post preview to provide some assistance to the creator regarding the final look of their content. And finally, the third-party integrations are worthy of a mention here as well. Assimilating with top tier platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, WordPress, Pocket, Pixabay, Bitly, and numerous other renowned apps ContentStudio becomes a one-stop-shop for all content management purposes.

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