Our third series -SEO for content or content for SEO?

Content has always been the king. Have a look at these fresh and unique content creation strategies to gain more traffic on the website.

Martin N. Gregersen

5 December, 2018

In the early days of Google, keywords were the kings of SEO. Once you published content, the platform ferociously searched for those ‘golden words’ across your URL, title tag, H1 tag, description tag and IMAGE ALT text. The fact is that Google still behaves this way, but in a bid to provide the best information to its users and remain the undisputed leader of search engines, it now needs to work more smartly.

If you are a good writer for human readers, you still need to learn how to write to search engine robots.

The bottom-line is that in Google’s view the best (and most highly ranked) content is not only engaging, appealing, click-worthy and useful but also in-depth.
How can you create content that fits this description? It is difficult, but here’s our recommendation for getting on the right path:

  • Use the Word Count Wisely: While we do acknowledge that long and wordy content can overwhelm and put off some readers, this case only rings true for information that is irrelevant, unorganized or misleading. Henceforth, long content that is actually worth the reader’s time is not the issue here. Standard word count benchmarks suggest that a minimum of 2,000 words is the optimum length to fulfill a searcher’s information criteria.
  • Use LSI Keywords to Taste: Latent Semantic Indexing essentially comprises of keywords that are associated with the topic you are writing about. For example, an article about ‘cryptocurrency’ would feature LSI keywords such as bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and cryptocurrency mining. The best way to dig for these keywords is to check out the related search results for your topic on Google or my words out of Google’s Keyword Planner.
  • Get someone who resembles your target audience to read your content and give you feedback and explain the content back to you. Have a discussion about it and learn where your words are unclear for others.
  • Re-write your own texts again and again.

When you have worked on polishing your content creation skills, make sure that you keep track of the latest advancements in Google’s search engine platform to stay one step ahead of your competition. If you are a good writer for human readers, you still need to learn how to write to search engine robots. In the next article, we will advice on how to Keep Up With Google. Subscribe now and be among the first to receive the article via email.

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