Earn leads, drive sales and grow your eCommerce store with an optimized landing page

When you run a paid advertising campaign to boost your eCommerce sales, an effective landing page is vital. Create an eCommerce landing page that perfectly resonates with your target audience and encourage them to easily convert.

Martin N. Gregersen

24 January, 2020

The comfort and advantages of eCommerce are heading the Generation Z from offline store to online eCommerce websites. Whether it is a grocery product, clothes, or any electronic gadgets, buying through eCommerce websites gives you convenience and a huge advantage of comfort. From popular brands to home-based gigs, the whole sea is sailing towards eCommerce websites to boost sales. While realizing that the eCommerce website will be beneficial for increasing sales, there is another game-changing tool called eCommerce landing page that will boost your sales and allow customers to know more about the products.

Designing the landing page is the most important chore for any eCommerce business because it will ultimately shape the impression of your brand. So, just keep your eye on this in-depth article that will lead you in designing the best landing page for your eCommerce website. From the basics of a good eCommerce landing page to tools for creating a minimalist landing page, this article serves you every single thing that you need for designing the most elegant landing page for your business.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single page with a solo motto of driving traffic and persuading visitors to take action. It is perfect to advertise products or services.

With the help of the eCommerce landing page, you can showcase the items or services to your customers, and also convince them to purchase.

eCommerce websites with greater landing pages generate extensive leads

Why eCommerce needs a landing Page?

According to research, eCommerce websites with greater landing pages generate extensive amounts of leads. A large varied audience visits your eCommerce website and you are trying to tailor your message to fit every individual, but since your audience has different needs, you cannot achieve that and that is when you need tailored landing pages for each need your audience has.

Essentials of A Good eCommerce Landing Page

Your landing page can generate a large number of leads and speed up your sales. These are the essentials of a good eCommerce landing page:

Be accessible

“Accessibility” is the most important thing to keep in mind, while designing your eCommerce websites landing page. You need to make a minimalist design for your landing page that will offer clear, concise, and open design to the audience. Cluttered design can create confusion for your customers. Make sure every single element in your design is placed with purpose.

Strike action

The main goal of making a landing page is to drive sales and it is only possible through a proper call to action button. You need to put a proper call which speaks your goal such as sign up, download, buy, register, subscribe, etc. First, figure out your goal and then decide which call to action you need to use.

Adding multiple CTAs on your landing page can create confusion, but if you place them properly it can bring astonishing outcomes.

Make a strong impact

“Make your landing page so good that they can’t ignore it”

If you want to create an impact on your audience then you should reflect the true essence of your brand in your design. You only have a few seconds to convert your audience into potential customers, make sure you use that time wisely. Always speak the benefits of your product that makes your customers’ life easier or shows who they can become with your help.

Creating a landing page for eCommerce

Use the right color scheme

Color plays a very important role in enhancing your landing page design, make sure you use it properly. Always use a sharper color to highlight the message that you want to share with your audience Use contrast color for CTAs so that it attracts more audience.

Write impactful content

Design and colors are important but content proves to be an integral part of your landing page to generate the leads. Don’t write an essay, just keep your content brief, clear with attractive headings, and subheadings.

Adding impactful and creative taglines to your landing page can bring astonishing outcomes. You need to speak out the whole story about your product in just a few words to get an outstanding response.

Make it mobile-first

Now, more and more people use smartphones, you more rarely use your laptop or PC to buy something from any eCommerce website. Make sure your landing page is mobile first to get instant improval of your results.

While coding, make sure you build your landing page that suits all phones, tablets or any other small screen.

Concentrate on traffic

You have designed the best landing page with outstanding content but your work is not over yet. You need to continuously keep your eye on the traffic you are generating. The goal behind a landing page is not of generating leads but generating quality leads, you need the one who truly benefits from your product. Use tools to find out about your landing page’s reach and impressions it received. Offer promotions and discounts to lead the game.

Wrapping Up

The ultimate goal of designing a landing page is to generate leads and boost sales. Components such as clean and minimalist design, clear photos, proper CTAs, clever headings, and creative content is a healthy ingredient of a good landing page. Make sure you use all these tips and design the best landing page that fulfills your goals.

Just keep these three points in mind to make your eCommerce landing page good:

  • Mobile-first
  • Simple
  • Accessible.

We hope that the above-discussed points give you a clear walkthrough designing and the importance of landing page.

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Q. Do I need product detailed page too on my eCommerce website?

In the eCommerce website, you need to have a product detailed page and product landing page both. The former shows a list of products (category-wise) you have in your store. And, the later focus in detail on any of the selected products.

Q. What is meant by a product landing page?

A product landing page is a page on your website that is designed for users to provide information about a product and/or service.

Q. How long it takes to build an eCommerce landing page?

Depending upon the information you provide, building your landing page takes time. It can be in between 8 to 16 hours on it (maybe a little less or more depending on the contact form or page design).

Q. What is the average conversion rate for an eCommerce landing page?

The average eCommerce conversion globally is between 2% and 3%.

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