Our fifth series - Embrace video marketing to augment SEO

The people around the world are crazy about two things online in recent times. Social media and video and when both of them come together, they surely catch more eyeballs than ever. Read more here!

Martin N. Gregersen

18 January, 2019

Humans are visual creatures and perhaps this is why video content has reached the top of the internet’s summit. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Quora have gradually integrated video features to attract a wider audience. Moreover, the dominance of video on the internet is expected to become even stronger in the next few years.So what are the best ways to turn video enthusiasts into readers, customers and visitors?

Ask yourself how you can add value through useful information that you are willing to share with others.

Here are the top two techniques:

  • Make YouTube your Friend: Before talking about this further, let’s put up a question. What is the 2 nds largest search engine as of 2018? Bing, you say, well no. Yahoo! No that is not it, the answer is to this question is YouTube. Millions of users put in more queries on YouTube’s search bar than that of these platforms. Another interesting thing to note is that Google’s ownership of YouTube only makes it obvious that search results with videos are eventually taking over the first page. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can add value to your existing content by posting SEO optimized YouTube videos and making the most out of this trend. Even if you do not rake in millions of views, one thing is for sure, the few hundred or thousand clicks on your videos will definitely bring in more website visitors.
  • Enrich your Text Posts: As you are busy drafting an article for your website, why not tweak that content to prepare a video script while you are at it? Research shows that blogs posts which are embedded with video content tend to have a higher dwell time which RankBrain will surely pick up on.

If used smartly, video content can even give your business a much-needed breakthrough. For many products and services, an intelligent viral video is all it took to grab the attention of the world! It is worth spending time and energy in creating something worth watching. Ask yourself how you can add value through useful information that you are willing to share with others.

This was part 5 in our series on SEO 2018. In the last article, we will share “The Hidden Card of SEO”, an overlooked SEO Strategy component that you could implement now to get ahead of everyone else who does not yet practice this future best-practice. Subscribe now and be among the first to receive the article via email.

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