Improve warehouse efficiency and productivity by automating logistics

Operational growth and increased labor costs are difficult to contend with. However, well-planned strategies for automation of logistics can have a major effect on your operations in the warehouse.

Martin N. Gregersen

14 December, 2020

Any and every business is on the lookout for ways to improve its productivity as both time and labor is money. Introduction of practices like operations management, ergonomics, system simulations can help to evaluate and analyze performance of your logistics department but it adds up to overall cost. Businesses tend to achieve significant cost savings across their organization by decreasing the time and effort required to perform each action. The same concept can be applied to business operations due to notable advances in computing hardware and software which have helped in the acceleration of adopting business process automation in the offices. Let us have a look at some of the easy ways to increase efficiency with these automation techniques.

Overview of the beneficial aspects

Successfully identifying and implementing the automation of logistical operations involves sieving out and picking processes that require consistency across the organization, are repeatable, and need to be free from error at all times. Once you recognize such tasks as surfing for adept keywords to enhance digital marketing or automating responses to customer feedback, the progress becomes cost-effective, error-proof, transparent, and miraculously streamlined.

Automating logistics can be done in different departments of the organization. For example, the production department can automate supplier management, new product development, and work order approvals. The sales department can follow up on the leads and trigger alerts regarding high-quality leads whereas the marketing team can learn to automate Upsell, cross-sell, and cycle-based sell opportunities. Consider the following practices from different departments that may implement business process automation to bring forth a positive change in the organization.

Contract management

There are several tasks in the finance and accounts department of the company that can be subjected to effective workflow automation. These range from bank account management and invoice processing to governance and compliance. Contract management is one such example where one can observe noteworthy benefits of incorporating automation into it. There are several solutions in terms of softwares like Agiloft and Concord that cater to contract automation, streamlining the process entirely and leaving the team to carry out other integral tasks. These softwares lead to a business process automation that helps in increasing your efficiency via prompt drafts for contracts, searching for contracts in the central repository easily, and providing automatic reminders for deadlines and renewals of the contracts.

Email workflows

There is a plethora of marketing tools available in the arena for automating email drafting and responding to the customers. They are mainly involved in logistical processes like follow-ups on shopping cart abandonments or catering to customer queries or feedback. Automated email responses show efficacy on behalf of the company and are much appreciated by the potential and existing customers. Acquaint your staff with tools like MailChimp and Drip to obtain unique benefits like setting up and managing an automated database with utter ease. Ensure smooth operations by putting out emails that reach to the right people with the right message at the right time, without having to put in the labor into it.

Digital marketing campaigns

Business process automation deems to be the perfect way to enhance the company’s digital marketing strategies. The automation solutions take the company a notch above the competitors while increasing the proficiency of the employees to a greater level as well. With tools that can handle multiple social media accounts at once, generate relevant content ideas, and post the content automatically at the desired time, automation has demonstrated how vast its scope can be when implemented correctly. Softwares like Adzooma, Hootsuite, and Zapier one can totally change their company’s online impression with consistent posts and further the brand’s presence in the target audience’s minds. Capturing the best leads and confirming conversions can be done through such automated processes where there is a hint of personalization which acts as a cherry on top.

Onboarding personnel

Similar to contract management, automating the process of hiking personnel can lighten the burden on the human resources department by heaps. The algorithms in the automation software like Digidesk and Zoho can help eliminate the mundane and repetitive processes like in-person meetings with the candidate for submission of paperwork, their manual routing which may lead to delays, overflowing of the cabinets with piles of paperwork and duplicates and the process takes hours. The software helps candidates fill in the information from the comfort of their homes, which is automatically archived and there are thorough follow-ups and the process is over within minutes.

In conclusion, adopt automation for streamlined operations

Be it sales, production, accounting, or marketing, automating logistics can always lead to an increase in efficiency in the workflow at an organization. Business process automation also allows effortless integration of different tasks like updating the call list for sales purposes and associated emails quickly. The software or cloud-based SaaS solutions help smoothen the supply chain and workflow. These can act as a useful friend for customer relationship management and building an efficient company.

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Q. How do automated warehouses work?

Automated warehouses solve the challenges pertaining inventory and distribution of goods and result in streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and reduced human error.

Q. Can I automate order processing?

Yes, it is possible to automate processing of orders. One such example is Shipamax that automatically records and enters data on customer profiling, placing orders, payment processing, and controlling shipment updates.

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