Give your brand an edgy and modern feel with these landing page design trends

Get rid of unconventional grid layouts, static backgrounds and direct CTAs. Instead, strategically highlight best sellers without overtly pointing them out in your landing page design to rule the entire 2020.

Martin N. Gregersen

28 January, 2020

When crafting a landing page, converting your audience into a potential customer is usually your main goal. Many marketers think that the only factor that matters in converting your audience into a customer is what you offer to them. While this is true, the design of your landing page also plays a very important role in generating leads.The internet is full of competition to your business and there are usually hundreds of competing landing so your success requires that you will shine like the sun in this galaxy of planets. If you are not convinced, this post is going to tell you about why you need to keep your eyes on the best landing page examples and design trends in 2020.

Why Landing Page Design Matters?

You may not believe it, but the right design is the ultimate factor for an effective landing page campaign. The success of your landing page depends upon the first 2.6 seconds spent by the visitor, which forms the first impression of your brand. Therefore, if your design is not instantly persuasive, you will not be able to convince the potential customer with your offer. We make decisions based on emotions because our thoughts are shaped by our emotions. Therefore, your design will evoke emotions, which will dictate the decision, regardless of your offer and either create trust or distrust.

According to Forbes, around 65% of the people are visual learners and we remember pictures with at least 90% accuracy. So, this proves that your target customers are visual beings and landing page design has an essential impact on users.

Around 65% of the people are visual learners and we remember pictures with at least 90% accuracy

An ideal landing page will always keep your brand one step ahead of the competitors. Your minimalist landing page will not only create a strong impression but will also convince users to take necessary action. When you focus on a clear goal and align your design with that, your landing page will be successful as long as your offer also lives up to the design.

A brand should deliver what their customers want to become. So, keeping yourself up to date with the latest landing page trends will give you inspiration on how others are achieving this. So, let’s take you further to the latest design trends in 2020.

Landing page design trends in 2020

As mentioned, if you want to stand out from your competitors, you should keep yourself updated with the latest landing page design trends. No one formula fits for designing the ideal landing page, but here are 6 design trends that can make your landing page more appealing and thus lead to more lead generation.


“Keep it Short and Simple”

Minimalism is not a new concept, it’s a proven way to convey a brand’s message in a powerful way. In a proven way, simple and minimalist landing pages appeal more and help in achieving marketing goals faster.

“Less is more” suggests that you simplify everything that you put on your landing page:

  • Avoid wordiness.
  • Choose the single most powerful image.
  • Have a single Call-To-Action.
  • Design: Communicate, don’t decorate. Keep it as simple as possible.
  • A minimalist design will help users to easily access your landing page on any device.
  • A simple landing page will load faster and thereby increase the conversion rate.

A minimalist design is a key strategy to get outstanding outcomes. So, ‘KISS’ your landing page to generate more leads.

Geometric Shapes

Remember your childhood, where you used to play with different shapes such as Squares, circles, and triangles – we all are accustomed to these geometric shapes. Elementary shapes and colors have a special role in our subconscious. So, this is why shapes and different combinations of colors can play a vital role in your landing page.

We all know that we are heavily attached to emotional memories and we earlier mentioned that we make our decisions based on emotions. Thus, using emotion in your marketing will bring you the strongest results, specifically geometric shapes.

“Humans associate geometric shapes with emotions” John N. Bassili, 1978

If we talk about the geometric shapes, the circle is an abstract symbol of happiness, while the pointed triangle triggers the amygdala’s sense of fear. This does not mean that you should only use circles and never triangles in your design, but that you should use the triangle in a context where fear is appropriate, like warnings or evoking FOMO (fear of missing out).

Custom Illustration

No matter in which field or industry you are, the audience praises authenticity and this needs to be considered on your landing page. If you are using stock images, which clearly do not represent your brand or organization and are hard to believe as your own then you are being inauthentic. You can opt for a custom illustration that attracts more customer attention. Unique and custom illustration can not only bring authenticity to your landing page but can also strengthen your brand’s message.

As a fact, there are many big MNCs and brands, who are using custom illustrations to achieve outstanding outcomes. It makes your landing page eye-catching and attractive which encourages your reader to read. Applying custom images or illustrations will grab user attention, add value to your brand, and also suggest expertise in the niche. If you make the effort to create custom illustrations and your competitors or using stock photos, you are one step ahead of them.

Video Content and Animation

Video content is the leading marketing hack if you want more leads and longer engagement time. Including video content on your landing page is as important as the minimalist design. On average, more than 90% of today’s website visitors appraise video content. On SERPs, more traffic is being driven through video and other visual content. Video content is increasing day by day, and it helps in growing revenue at a better rate than text content.

With the increasing demand for video content, video landing pages is the perfect way to share the product information with your customer. Mailchimp is using animation videos on its landing page to attract visitors. With the help of video content and animation, it is easy for markets to tell a story and attract visitors with compelling storytelling and emotionally engaging content.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above-discussed landing page design trends give you inspiration on how to make your landing page appealing and evoke the appropriate emotional responses from your visitors. Make sure you keep your landing pages “Keep it Short and Simple”. You should also opt for custom illustrations to separate yourself from your competition and utilize video content, which is still growing rapidly in popularity.

Keeping yourself updated with the latest design trends will prove to be beneficial and gives you outstanding outcomes when applied right.

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Q. What should a landing page include?

Your landing page must include: A catchy headline, A concise description that speaks about your product and offer, An image or short video (You can also use custom illustrations, animations according to your need), A form to collect user information, Call to action (CTA) button with attractive color and design.

Q. Which are the latest landing page design trends?

Some of the popular landing page design trends include Minimalism, Video Content, and Animation, Custom illustration, Geometric Shapes, and a lot more that will help you to make your landing page stand out.

Q. What role does design play in crafting landing pages?

The design of your landing page proves to be the most efficient method to impact user behavior. It helps you to stay unique and ahead of your competitors. Apart from making a strong first impression on your user, it will motivate them to take suitable action when if rust your brand.

Q. Do you need a website for a landing page design?

No, you don't need a website to host a landing page. You can easily design a good landing page through various applications such as Unbounce, Leadpages, Sleeknote and a lot more.

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