Secrets to create a high-converting Instagram landing page

A rule of thumb while designing Instagram landing pages is create a design that complements the branding, draft the copy that boosts engagement and keep breathing space in between design and content.

Martin N. Gregersen

3 April, 2020

Social Platforms have created a new era of content marketing, remarkably. Advertising on social media platforms has enabled companies to create their unique business presence and reach out to the global audience in just one click. If we talk about the most beneficial and fruitful social media platform, it would definitely be Instagram. It is on everyone’s radar. Today, Instagram has more than 700 million active users, making it notably bigger than Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Further, recent studies show that 90% of users follow only one business account on Instagram. Now It is becoming a large global network globally like Facebook, a perfect Instagram Landing Page Design can generate 10 times higher public engagement rate than Facebook and other social platforms.

Hacks of building a perfect and high-converting Instagram landing page

An Instagram platform offers numerous benefits to global digital marketers. Using simple handy tactics and smart plans can help you convert your visitors into consumers.

A perfect Instagram Landing Page design helps you to:

  • Connect with the target audience and strengthen customer relationships
  • Learn about their preferences and demand
  • Raising brand awareness and revenue generation

Here are the top ways to generate leads and increase conversions with effective Instagram landing pages.

Design that complements the branding, Content that boosts engagement

When it comes to the landing page, the length really does not matter. What matters most is the design and content. The goal of using Instagram accounts is to boost conversion rates and raise brand awareness among the public. Effective landing pages with strong content can be the only way to focus on customer’s preferences and achieve the goal of brand awareness. Unique content development strategies follow the unique branding patterns to make your brand name recognizable among followers and make your landing page design more relevant and crucial.

Your Instagram landing page is a page on which a user lands upon on clicking your Instagram post/advertisement. So, it’s natural that they expect the same look and feel otherwise you will only get bounce rates and high costs per clicks. It is imperative for businesses to create content that engages users and design a page that pulls conversions. Maintain the tone of your marketing message exactly as is your Instagram sponsored ads’ message.


For example, if your advertisement is for users to sign up for an event, redirect them to a booking form that has precise information of the event and required details. Use the colour combination of the landing page as per your branding and advertising strategy. Imagine if Coca-Cola redirects their users to a landing page having green and blue colours, will anyone easily trust it? No – because users are used to seeing it in red branding colour. Similar logic applies everywhere.

a perfect Instagram Landing Page Design can generate 10 times higher public engagement.

Keep breathing space in between design and content

Many digital marketers believe that the landing page should be as short as possible. And nothing wrong in that. But in this race of keeping it short, they end up stuffing a lot of information in a short space. This results in making your Instagram landing page look cluttered and dull. Never ever make that mistake. Keep it short and simple. Instead of making it text-heavy, you are strongly recommended to use clear and eye-catchy imageries. Always try to give enough white space to segregate all sections of your landing page. Sticking to the point to point information will allow your customers to seal the deal quickly.


For example, if you are running a multi-photo carousel campaign and want your user to buy the products, redirect them to the product detail page having bare-minimum information that a user needs to make a decision to buy. Do not give them other options which may divert their mind-set or lessen their interest.

Relevant CTA (Call-To-Action) that helps users to crack any deals

It is very necessary to understand what makes your landing page perfect and good. Businesses have tons of creative ideas when it comes to set them together on their Instagram landing pages. A good landing page helps visitors to reach from Point A to Point B. And that’s when CTA plays a crucial role in it to guide customers by keeping them reading and scrolling through the entire material and details. If you have inserted appropriate links and information at the right place, CTA helps visitors to reach the right points, it naturally increases their interest to learn more by clicking and scrolling landing pages.

For an example, let’s have a look at the Instagram landing page of Skullcandy, there is the trackable bitly link given in their Instagram bio, which is directly pointed to the landing page for any particular product. Rather than pointing visitors to their homepage, they directly use Instagram to highlight the latest offers.

skull candy

After clicking on the bio, customers can directly land on the page where Skullcandy wants them to come.


The effectiveness of landing pages increases when you use relevant CTA to attract potential customers. Accurate CTA guides your visitors to take action to buy your product instead of just browsing. Also, it allows to track the status of promotions activities with landing pages, it makes it easier to attribute metrics and behaviour of the customers. These activities might include clicks, buy, spending time of pages and bounce rate.

Mobile-friendly landing pages to attract more visitors

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a mobile-friendly app. But while talking about Instagram landing pages, it is the destination where you are redirecting your users to take some action. Is that page mobile-friendly? Through conventional wisdom, it is realised that the majority of social and web traffic relies on mobile. According to recent social media facts, industry watchers have pointed to the requirement of mobile-friendly landing pages that appeals to buyers on-the-go.

That’s why, if your Instagram landing page is mobile-friendly by default, it will help you to retain your potential customers for a long time on your mobile site and force them to turn the click into conversion. Responsive landing page designs and content can take care of a few legwork for you, but it is necessary to set your landing page to be scroll-friendly.

Sometimes high-quality content doesn’t work and makes any relevant difference if you haven’t embraced any responsive mobile-friendly design. For this purpose, you should ensure effective, relevant and reliable navigation. Creation of easy, simple & responsive user-interface will help you to not to leave any rooms full of confusion and doubts. The focus on achieving maximum functionality and mobile-friendly display always help you to boost your content and branding strategies to a great extent.

The best and effective example of a mobile-friendly landing page of Instagram is Black Milk Clothing. This page has shown the beauty of shoppable feed to make the selling process easy over Instagram. This company focuses on using the Insta-landing page as promo feeds and to generate user-friendly content.

blackmilk insta

Over to you – ready to build better landing pages for your promotions?

As per Vox, by the end of 2020, Instagram ad revenue is projected to be at 30% of the entire company’s ad revenue.

Always try to put the right ideas together to achieve a winning landing page for Instagram. However, it is also mandatory to understand what steps would be effective ones that actually look like a perfect approach which helps you to improve your conversion rate. For this purpose, an effective and one-stop solution can help you to organise your Instagram promotions. Get started with the best Instagram landing page design that guarantees high-conversions. All the best!

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Q. Do we need to have separate landing pages for Facebook and Instagram?

The quick answer is both - Yes and No. it depends on the product or service you want to promote. Ideally, it is advisable to have separate for each since the audience is a bit different over both platforms.

Q. How can I align the look and feel of the campaign and landing page?

The look of your Instagram landing page should be aligned with the Instagram ads, campaign ads on websites. You must try to use images and fonts to make your ads similar to your websites and make it look classy and authentic.

Q. What kind of Instagram campaign needs to have a dedicated landing page?

Regardless of the type of Instagram campaign in order to accurately measure the effectiveness of your lead generation from Instagram, you should use a dedicated landing page on your website with a URL that’s shared only on Instagram.

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