Managed IT & Tech Support

Remote monitoring, maintenance, support and security for cloud-based solutions

Effortless managed services

Paradigm Shift provides maintenance and support for existing cloud and web-based services as well as installed third party provided services and lines of business applications.

Seamlessly outsourcing

Managed IT

We manage cloud based solutions such as websites, apps, product support and maintenance for softwares. This includes most cloud transformation tools.


Our support includes quarterly meetings to review ongoing issues, go over upcoming project work, discuss changes in vendors, advise on best practices, create budgets and plan the technology roadmap for the next period.

What we monitor

Site & Server Performance, Risks, Updates

Your performance dashboard gives you deep insights on web applications and internet services from all over the world. We ensure each team in your company has visibility into critical cloud infrastructure and performance metrics. We make decisions easy and data-driven for optimal performance.

Performance Monitoring Dashboard

Real User Metrics

Transaction Time

Service Desk with Support

Support Structure

Submit support ticket for all covered IT infrastructure. 


Let us manage your IT & tech support

We offer a 30-day free trial so you have time to evaluate our service and see if it is right for you.