Our sixth series - Optimizing Voice Search for SEO

While the marketers are still exploring this vast field, they often forget about one of the key features that they can use to attract their customer, which is voice search. Read how you can take the benefits!

Martin N. Gregersen

5 February, 2019

So far this series or articles have focused on discussing the key emerging trends in the SEO arena and the influence of Google’s initiatives in shaping how SEO operates in 2018. Yet there are some hidden cards which may not come into play right now but could definitely be helpful in the future and voice search is surely one of them.


Highly rated content is already in a better position to benefit from the advantages of voice search, especially if you are lucky enough to have your content appear as a featured snippet on the first page.

Nonetheless here is an effective tip called the ‘Q&A’ to optimize your content for this feature:

  • When using voice search, most users inherently ask a question to Google. For instance, a user may ask “ Who is the most famous soccer player in the world? ” which is different from typing in “ famous soccer player”. If your content has been developed as an answer, Google’s voice search algorithm is more likely to pick up on such information.

Most businesses are not yet directing their digital marketing strategies to cater to this feature and this is precisely why you should do it now!

While Google’s Voice Search feature is still in its infancy stages, however, we expect that it will definitely come at the vanguard soon. Most businesses are not yet directing their digital marketing strategies to cater to this feature and this is precisely why you should do it now!


Apart from adding the ingredients to boost your website rankings that have been shared so far, here are five additional tips to spice up your SEO recipe:

  • Catch Their Attention: Appeal to the visual sensors of users by using embeddable images to attract and compel visitors to click. The success of platforms such as Instagram is a testament of how valuable pictures have become.
  • The Data Diamond Mine: Data is perhaps the most widely used buzz word after cryptocurrency in 2018. What can you do to attract this generation’s users to your website apart from videos and images? Well, throw in some statistics, numbers and facts to spike the number of clicks.
  • Raise your Voice: Starting a podcast can also be beneficial for developing links. If you have a knack for verbal discussions and an interesting perspective, this strategy just might be for you.
  • Spur a Dialogue: This is a generation which grew up with social media and they are definitely not afraid to raise their voice. Rather than burying the voice of your visitors, provide them an outlet to share their views, feedback and comments. It is called ‘social’ media after all. The higher the level of engagement on your website, the better in rankings it will fare.
  • Old is Gold: Remember, the key to securing SEO success still lies with links and content with the newer algorithm, RankBrain grabbing the third position in this race. As you proceed to adhere to the latest guidelines for drafting your business’ digital marketing strategy, do not forget where it all began, after all there is direct correlation between the number of site links to search engine rankings.


This was the final part in our series on SEO 2018. There is abundant data, information and guidelines about SEO that are available on the internet which may seem overwhelming at first, but rather than dwelling on the complexities of it all why not work out strategies to enhance your dwell time or boosting your click through rates? Each business is unique in terms of its SEO needs, we hope that the discussion conducted in this series of articles have informed you well enough to take the next step and update your SEO strategy. Subscribe now and be among the first to receive future articles on “running a web business” related topics via email.

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