Partners benefit from IT support, and automation consultations

Our partnership program sets you up for IT infrastructure management of your clients. Customer referrals guarantee your clients have a sustainable and well managed online presence. 


Automate Business Processes

A core requirement for new and established businesses and entrepreneurs, service provider partners can offer new and existing clients IT support or one of our other digital transformation solutions. 


A tech partnership to supplement CyberSecurity

With cybersecurity comes the need to understand a client’s IT infrastructure. In addition to our automation audits, cybersecurity partners can use our services to facilitate theirs.


Collaborate on Projects

Media and content studios are invited to expand on our project scope, from graphic contents to video and music. 


Digital Transformation Across All Industries | IT Experts for Small Businesses

Our partnership extends our services to you as an in-house IT infrastructure management and tech support. All partners receive an annual subscription to our Managed IT & Tech Support with service desk package and a discount on all our services. 

Below you will find the human elements and service involvement critical to each project we lead, collaborate, and offer support on. We bring these to our partnerships as well. 

Human Elements


We lead each project by chasing our curiosity. You will see the curiosity element in most if not all of our projects.


Born in our approach, creativity is essential to making each project resonate with your audience.


Without this we cannot begin to connect with our clients, connect with their product, and therefore have our results connect with all who see it.


Guides us through complex projects. Intuition is also what we tap into when external reserves have been exhausted.


Some projects are about bringing people together, improving communication, or emphasizing culture.


Not all projects will go the way you want, or the way we want. We understand this and draw on compassion along with the other elements to ensure our collaboration leads to effective results.



Every projects starts with a consultation towards understanding your digital transformation needs.

Company Deep Dive

In addition to speaking with you, conduct market research on your industry, services and competitors.

UX/UI Design

Intuitive UX/UI designed and tailored to your target audience. Paradigm Shift considers your business goals, technical constraints, and user needs.


Clickable interactive prototype of applications, used for system review and user testing.

Cloud Architecture

Leveraging Google cloud technologies for secure, scalable, and robust deployment.

Iterative Development

A key practice in our process the design is developed and tested in continuous repeated cycles. Features are added/subtracted after each iteration so as to develop the app in its best possible condition to be deployed.

Managed IT & Tech Support

Our managed IT & tech support serves as foundation for all our products and services. Quality assurance starts from the beginning with us.

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