Digital Transformation of backend processes

How we made the insurance brokerage process easier

by Martin Gregersen

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Kind & Kinder Versicherungsvermittlungs  was founded in 2010 by Markus, Christoph & Kai in Leverkusen and is an owner-managed special broker for technically supported consulting and closing processes in the field of personal insurance.

Today they are the leading broker of children’s health insurance in Germany.


Bureaucracy in Germany makes getting health insurance for children complicated and tedious. The process involves a large amount of paperwork, information gathering, and time-consuming insurance approval steps. Kind & Kinder wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork involved in the information gathering process. They created Leni, Leon & die Luchse  (LLL) aims to digitize the entire workflow and simplify attaining health insurance for children in Germany.


Project phases:

  • Consulting project analysis, risk management.
  • Project development Create project architecture.
  • Planning and documentation of backend structure.
  • Setting up / programming databases.
  • Development of backend device / Zapier etc.
  • Data security.
  • Troubleshooting / Bugfixing / Tests.
  • Server adjustments / backend integration.

Together with the client Paradigm Shift built “Leon, Leni und die Luchse” an online Customer Portal, digitizing and streamlining the insurance brokerage process. New leads from landing pages or their CRM automatically was entered into the customer portal and clients received an invitation via email. On the customer portal, user-friendly forms onboarded the client one step at a time. No more needs to fill out paper forms and print and sign contracts! The entire process was automated and about 200 different data points broken down into a simple workflow, by creating smart, conditional forms which only collect data needed for the individual client.

In the backend, employee log in to review applications in their work inbox. They can edit applications directly, request further clarification or simply approve the application with a single click and the client continues down the funnel for digital contract signing. We built a primarily no-code solution. This cost-effective approach also allows the client to maintain and alter the solution themselves.



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