Managing accommodation and allowances for airline crew

Developing an app that promotes collaboration and information sharing amongst airline employees.

by Martin Gregersen

7 minute read


Human Elements



Client is a major European commercial airline with global flights in operation for over a hundred years. Their well-known brand carries passengers within European countries and internationally. 


The airline needed a web app to manage accommodations for crew during overnight stays. Users needed to be able to communicate easily and share tips and tourism recommendations for different locations in real-time. The complex tax of crew management included stay, allowances, and monitoring. More importantly, how could crew members take advantage of traveling all over the world? By always having at hand recommendations for the best place to eat, sleep and find thrilling experiences in each new city. 

  • Web App Design aligning airline brand with its identity.
  • A responsive user-experience, focused on the crew primary needs.
  • An administration interface, allowing management and monitoring of crew members.
  • Seamless communication features

Paradigm Shift designed a map-based user interface. It encouraged exploration of previously listed cities and featured tips from fellow crew-members.

“The crew tips page looks awesome!”

Stefan Hodgendoorn

Chief Geek (Founder) of Qlouder

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