Automating content distribution and the lead generation process

How we used AI-powered landing pages to multiply lead generation.

by Martin Gregersen

7 minute read


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Milkymap uses their proprietary customer mapping journey app to collaborate with companies like Vodafone and ABN-Amro in understanding their market from start to finish. 


The company had difficulty in accessing customer information  scattered across various platforms. The lead to overlap in solutions and back-end processes.  Identifying high-value leads was a tedious and complex task. Additionally, web content needed to be curated in a systematic and consistent way prioritizing a strong social media marketing strategy through an inbound marketing campaign. 

  • New high-converting landing page to generate leads, while performing A/B tests to continuously improve conversion.
  • Streamlined communication in the lead collection process. 
  • Inbound marketing strategy with a focus on content type and publication schedule.
  • Automating content deployment with advanced scheduling.
  • Use of Buffer and Mailchimp in consolidating customer support from multiple platforms resulting in significant decrease in response time. 

Diagram of  Milkymaps organizational structure. Systematic approach to understanding employees’ use of IT infrastructure and contribution to the company’s goals. Elimination of redundancies improved time management across teams. The added time was allocated to publishing high-impact content and the launch of a new inbound marketing campaign to test horizontal diversification into international markets.

“We now have a clear picture of our processes from prospect, leads, to sales. We now know who is responsible for what part of the process and we can now make a decision on which platforms to keep and which to eliminate. This enables us to save money by combining content, leads and newsletter in one platform.

Decisions we made: starting with Mailchimp, saying good-bye to Intercom, creating a landing page campaign, starting to collect email addresses and flagging them, writing one blog per week, optimising LinkedIn usage, investigating opportunities with automating LinkedIn, Buffer and Mailchimp.”


Co-founder of Milkymap

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