Automating lead management and employee performance monitoring

Using Big Data and web app development to radically improve and scale sales.

by Martin Gregersen

7 minute read


Human Elements



TravelEssence is one of Australia and New Zealand’s specialists for tailor-made travel. Their organized and curated itineraries  offer accommodations and activities unique to each visitor’s taste.


A digital transformation was required for TravelEssence to scale internationally. Consultation included closely working with their sales team to create a robust lead management system, and integrating an existing cloud-based IT infrastructure. An additional challenge was the distribution of leads to employees while monitoring performance and decreasing lead wait time. 

  • Six weeks of a company deep dive through consultations, UX design and prototyping.
  • Custom web app, allowing employees and managers to access a comprehensive lead management system.
  • Perfect user experience and work efficiency specific to each employee’s role.
  • Scalable No-SQL database on a Google Cloud Platform, protected with database security rules and API key restrictions for maximum security.
  • Real-time BigData analytics performance and workload dashboard for managerial duties such as company-wide analysis and employee training.
  • Weekly quality assurance meetings to improve application based on team usage and new feature requests. 

The lead management system streamlined the lead, sales and documentation of sales process. Managers had access to real-time charts over lead distribution with the a new capability to assign leads from a variety of sources. Scaling internationally was now possible as the system allowed addition, configuration, and management of teams  globally. TravelEssence could now scale beyond Australia and New Zealand but maintain control from their home base of Netherlands. Workload could be spread evenly amongst the full team helping TravelEssence grow as a company and improving employee effort on an individualized level.

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