Reduce any extra effort that the user would have to make to connect with you with click-to-call button

The placement and content of call-to-action and click-to-call buttons is the trickiest one in an optimized landing page design. You should use a click-to-call button in such a way that it makes it easier for your customers to reach you.

Martin N. Gregersen

19 February, 2020

Every landing page should have a single theme. You are trying to persuade your website visitor to take some action. This cannot be successful unless the message on the landing page conveys the solutions s/he is looking for. And, the text on your call-to-action button is the same as s/he is willing to act on. E.g. If you are reading any landing page designed for restaurants, the call-to-action button that says “Eat Now” will be more prompting than “Learn More”. Amidst all, the trending story is to add a click-to-call button on your landing page. But, are you aware of its do’s and don’ts?

Including a click-to-call button on your landing page

Increasing mobile users day by day

According to New Voice Media, 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.

Today, it is very important to consider phone call optimization. Because people increasingly are searching for and connecting to businesses on fingertips using their mobile phones. The majority of brands and businesses are considering the benefits of phone call optimization to boost their conversions. Adding a phone call option to Google Adwords is also one of the significant optimization parameters. The world is moving towards mobile then why not your landing page?

Choose the correct placement for Click-to-call button

So you have made up your mind to include an option for your users to call you for their further queries. But, have you figured out the optimal placement? It is very important that this button should be visible to your visitors and at the same time, it should not be annoying. Do not show it as a pop-up. It distracts your users. Ideally, it should appear in the first fold below some message. Simply asking them to call will never make them click on your CTA. You may sound spammy in such cases. But, in a few words pass on your message and then display the click-to-call button. Give them the reason why they need to call you regarding your offerings.

75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.

Test phone numbers with and without contact forms

Providing an option to call along with a contact form to your users is a two-edged sword. There are some users who do not like to jump on a call. For them, the contact form is an easy option to approach. And, there are some users who refuse to file out an inquiry form because of the waiting time until they get a reply. For them, the click-to-call button is a preferred option, because they get a result now instead of later. It all depends upon your target audience, who they are and what they prefer. Do A/B testing of your landing page for phone call optimization with and without contact forms.

Test the presentation of the click-to-call button

Believe it or not, aesthetics matters! A few changes here and there can make your CTA a high-converting CTA. Color combination, size, font, and style – all these parameters contribute a lot. Most commonly used words are “click-to-call”, “call us now”, “call me now”, etc. with and without phone icon.

Important: Local searchers on smartphones will often call businesses directly from mobile search ads using call extensions. So, tailor your landing page for local searches.

Optimize for mobile as well as desktop view

While learning and adopting new principles that boost conversions, do not forget the old ones. Check the responsiveness of your landing page. While focusing too much on the mobile view do not ignore the importance of desktop views. Though desktop traffic is lesser nowadays as compared to mobile traffic, desktop conversion rates still beat mobile conversion rates. Especially, while dong bank transactions, or booking a doctor appointment, users are more inclined to use their laptops than their smartphones.

Do not miss out on call-tracking

In web analytics and conversion rate optimization, phone call tracking is quickly becoming an important consideration. It may sound complex in the first place, but the right tools can connect phone calls and clicks to provide a crystal clear view of how well your campaign is converting visitors to customers. If we compare phone calls with click-based conversions, phone calls are a rich source of customer feedback. Questions and queries raised by them over a call can help refine marketing materials and marketing messages. It helps to build user-generated content marketing campaigns. So, in a nutshell, embrace automated call tracking tools. They dynamically replace phone numbers on your click-to-call button with unique local or toll-free numbers on your website considering the traffic source, campaign or keyword.

Get started now

The next time when you design a new landing page, make sure to include a click-to-call button. Make it prominent for the users so that they find it easy to contact you. Also, using heatmap tools, figure out the visibility of your phone call optimization. Check how it appears to the users’ ad how well you can improve it further. For your mobile users or a prominent phone number for your desktop customers. Use short and crisp content copy that encourages phone calls. To churn out additional benefits, consider refining your ad targeting the people who are most likely to call.

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