A sales representative is known to have the most interesting as well as the most boring job. This contradiction is due to TWO major factors. First, the excitement involved in profiling leads and segerrating potential leads to stimulate conversations. And second, it involves the mundane and repetitive task of prospecting before one can get to the conversation. These tasks can be ardent, taxing, and time-consuming and all the clients that demonstrate intent do not always follow through as they are not completely ready, awaiting the right time to buy the product, or are looking for cheaper alternatives. Sales prospecting is all about creating a list of potential clients devoid of such elements and we’re here to discuss how business process automation can make this undertaking much simpler for the team.

What is sales prospecting automation

In simple terms, sales prospecting automation is the use of software and other tools to compile an exhaustive list of significant leads and prospective clients inclusive of their email, phone number, social profiles, and more such information. All effective prospecting campaigns demand a ton of planning and many companies often have a haphazard approach when it comes to prospecting. Using a business process automation software elevates the task to a notch higher than just arming the sales team with a handful of templates, an email address, and access to the CRM. Automation can be implemented successfully in processes like instant notifications and callbacks, follow-up on the leads in the pipeline, and access to relevant reporting and analytics data to increase both the quality and quantity of the leads as well improve the conversion rates.

Why you should opt for sales prospecting automation

As we are clear with the definition of the process, let us dive into its benefits and substantial reasons why you should adopt sales prospecting. If we describe the advantages in a broad manner, business process automation basically saves a lot of time, lets the team skip over the tedious research portion of the sales, and generates a setup where you won’t have to prospect ever again. Further, some of the reasons that are too tempting to ignore are as follows.

1. Decrease the monotonous tasks

As mentioned above, one of the most apparent advantages of sales automation is that it exponentially reduces the busy work the sales reps need to perform on a day to day basis. Some of the examples include scouring world wide webs for prospects, venturing into the deep lanes of LinkedIn for email addresses, and curating a bunch of personalized emails that can be performed with a lot more ease through automation.

2. Improve the team’s morale

As the team is freed from the time consuming repetitive chores, they are free to focus on their strengths and the creative side of the sales operations. Automation tools can take care of all the administrative aspects of filling out and compiling information. This can boost the morale of the office and motivates the employees to use them.

3. Further company’s growth

The result of housing a super motivated and productive sales and CRM team is a definitive higher amount of conversions and more happy customers. As the teams spend more time selling and are driven to perform at peak potentials, the profits are destined to pour in. After recognizing such essential benefits it is prudent to learn the proper way to integrate automation in your business operations.

How to perform sales prospecting automation

To implement any business process automation smoothly one must take note of a few important steps. These will help ensure positive outcomes from the entire undertaking and lead to a thorough operation. The most crucial step in automating sales prospecting is to find the correct tool that is able to run all the pillars of the operation on autopilot to a certain extent. The main pillars of prospecting include list building, reach out to the leads, analyzing the metrics, and successful management of the leads. Once you identify such software, the next step is to work coherently with your team to integrate the same into your sales processes and keep a check on the number of leads generated and the analytics of the performance. Finding the correct tool is all about recognizing the repetitive tasks that can be automated, which allows you to focus on the work that really matters.

A few of Sales Prospecting Automation tools

As we go on and on about describing the ideal business process automation tool for sales prospecting, not all softwares and tools are able to cater to those traits. Every brand and company might have varied requirements and desire different properties from their automation software and here are a few examples that might pique your interest.


This is a unique tool that is extremely versatile and integrates easily with major CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot sales. It also has a differentiating credit system and a Google Chrome extension. The credits in the software can be used to verify emails, create simple drip campaigns, and acquire data and analytics through the tracking of each email.


This software can handle automated or manual email sequences, calls, and other tasks. It also holds the capability of click-to-call dialing, recording transcription, as well as CRM-logging tools. It is quite easily linked with Gmail, Outlook, and any CRM. It allows the users to create rules that take an instant action in accordance with the activities, stages, or triggers.


AnyLeads is one such software that can benefit both large enterprises and small startups. It efficiently tracks functionality to connect with the leads in an easier manner and houses several features for outbound sales marketing.


This is a premium example of a sales prospecting automation tool as it tracks all the opens, clicks, and downloads. A small sampling of its features and capabilities includes booking meetings with one email, personalizing messages, and schedule at scale, and automatically logging all the emails, performance metrics, and downloads into the CRM.

Wrapping up

It is always essential to know the business operation inside out before actually looking forward to automation to be able to gain complete benefits out of it. Business process automation for sales prospecting can change the workflow significantly and bring forth exponential ease of operations.

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