A comprehensive analysis of two popular landing page tools - Unbounce and HubSpot

Build incredible landing pages with two of the most popular platforms i.e. Unbounce and HubSpot. Both landing page solutions have similar features yet have features that set them apart. Make informed decisions that meet your goals.

Martin N. Gregersen

10 February, 2020

The concept of an optimized landing page design is not new. It has been here for ages. Way back in 2003, IT departments of Microsoft came up with the idea of landing page designs as a remedy for poor online sales of their core product – Microsoft Office. The rest is history. By now, many digital marketing experts have penned down best practices, tips, and tactics on how to optimize your landing page, how it should be designed, what elements are important to focus upon, etc. So what now, the story ends? No, it is just the beginning. It’s quite possible that 3/4th of the things you’ve been told about landing pages isn’t relevant for you. The real challenge comes when you practically implement all that knowledge. Ask any landing page designer, how long they took to build or design a landing page in the first place that worked well, even without A/B testing. This is as practical as counting stars during the day. And hence, experts like HubSpot, Unbounce, etc. are here to provide you tools to help you build incredible landing pages.

Incredible landing pages – Unbounce Vs Hubspot

According to WordStream, 52% of the companies use landing pages and also test them to improve conversions. So, one thing which is sure, is that tests are inevitable to test the efficiency and effectiveness of lead generation. This headache is well dealt with by marketing software companies like Unbounce and HubSpot. Let us compare these two to figure out what suits you the best if you want to build landing pages yourself.

Both Unbounce and Hubspot can assist landing page designers to build successful landing pages for conversions. But, landing page designers need to consider their costs, the platform’s functionality and how to carry out follow-ups.

The Unbounce landing page platform is a popular alternative to the HubSpot landing page and marketing platform.

Aim and basic role – HubSpot landing pages have a broader audience

Unbounce helps organizations achieve continuous returns on investment with tools designed to drive conversion. HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. This is because Unbounce is purely designed for landing pages targeted to small- and medium businesses and freelancers. Whereas, HubSpot is an integrated marketing tool kit targeted at SMEs and large enterprises.

Cost – Unbounce landing pages are more affordable

The first and foremost comparison parameter that anyone will ask for is the cost. Unbounce starts from $99 per month. It escalates up to $499 per month for the most advanced landing page package.

On the other hand, the monthly subscription for Hubspot starts at $200 for 100 contacts plus, for each additional 1000 contacts, it adds an extra $100. The topmost bracket for 10,000 contacts is $2,400. The variations in costs justify the features they provide but in the end, it depends on your budget and business goal.

User-friendliness – Unbounce landing pages wins the race

The Unbounce interface is clean, with two-side menus with the main ‘working’ panel in the center. It’s easy to find the highlighted ‘Create New Page’ button. Once you click on the button, the drag and drop editor of Unbounce is reasonably intuitive.

In comparison, Hubspot landing page design can be found as a menu item in the main user interface so users need to navigate to the landing page menu option. Creating a landing page is straightforward but users need to have an idea of how they want their page to look as selecting a template is one of the first stages. Once a page is created it is not possible to modify or switch the template without starting again.

Unique features – HubSpot landing page designer beats all its alternatives


  • Mobile friendly and fully responsive landing pages.
  • Include the ability to A/B test landing pages.
  • Possess the ability to match your brand guidelines.
  • Has integrations with most of the popular CRM like Salesforce, MailChimp, and Hubspot.


  • Offers a fully integrated marketing automation platform that includes landing page designs.
  • Offers A/B Testing and responsive templates however there are not as many customization options or templates as Unbounce.
  • Allows users to make use of ‘Smart Content’ to display relevant content depending on visitor type.
  • Landing pages link seamlessly with Hubspot’s CRM module.

Closing thoughts – Get inspiration from Unbounce and HubSpot but design your own custom landing page

No marketing tool or technology can address all the requirements of a company. Even if you equate Unbounce and HubSpot’s key features, explore the integrations they provide thoroughly. The best option for you as a smart digital marketing agency is to build your own custom landing page. Get thorough inspiration from the landing pages of Unbounce and HubSpot. Benchmark their features with your requirements. Keep the necessary landing page elements and eliminate the unwanted ones. This way you can do smart digital marketing with a custom design landing page.

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Q. Is coding required while opting for the Unbounce landing page?

No, a digital marketer can create custom landing pages with Unbounce that convert more visitors than any website without any sort of coding.

Q. Can I get access to free images while designing a landing page from Unbounce?

Yes, while designing a landing page from Unbounce, you can access over 850,000 free professional images from Unsplash to make your page more captivating.

Q. Can Unbounce and HubSpot go together?

Why not? There are a few ways HubSpot and Unbounce go beautifully together to help you build a landing page for better ROI, better conversions.

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