Our fourth series - Know more on mobile-indexing to keep up with Google

Mobile-first indexing is counted as one of the recent advancements of the multinational technology firm, Google. Check out what you can expect from this advancement of Google.

Martin N. Gregersen

21 December, 2018

The technological arena is fast-paced, cutthroat and ever evolving. Resting for a few days can lead to serious repercussions and allow a competitor to take over the battlefield with a new announcement to amaze the world. Google knows this better than anyone else, which is why they have stayed at the top of their game for so long and so should you and the best way to do this is – keeping up with Google.

Google’s mobile-first index was only one of the many changes that the company made to its search engine platform in 2018.

One recent development which has shaped SEO in 2018 is the ‘mobile-first index’ which basically means that the mobile-friendly version of your website will now be deemed as the ‘preferred’ or ‘real’ version regardless of the device from where the search result is being entered or originates from. This was a rather expected move on the company’s part considering how a majority of Google searches start off from mobile platforms.

Our recommendation? Prepare purposefully by following these two steps:

  • One Version, All Platforms: Invest in redesigning your website so that it no longer has a ‘desktop’ version or ‘mobile’ version. With the mobile index leading the game, narrow down on a new all-in-one and responsive version which displays all your desired content regardless of the users’ device.
  • Put your Website to the Test: Before launching your new and responsive website, do not be afraid to put it to the test and ask users to share their views about aspects such as interface, visual appeal, readability of text and ease of access on multiple platforms such as phones, tablets, and desktops. Another handy tip is to make use of these PageSpeed and Mobile Friendly tools provided by Google to check how mobile friendly your page is and what performance optimizations you should make.

We expect that Google’s mobile-first index is only one of the many changes that the company is expected to announce with reference to its search engine platform in 2018. Accordingly, another area where you can expect the tech giant to continue its expansion is video content. Read the next article in this series to find out how you can enrich your page to secure competitive leverage for your business with video! Subscribe now and be among the first to receive the article via email.

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